Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's the Post You Have All Been Waiting For...

Yes!... It's Me!
Hello Dhaaarlings...

finally I am able to bring some photos from the recent stage production of 
"The Music Man"

So without further ado...

The train stops at "River City"

Some of the
Townsfolk of River City...

Ensemble A 

Stubborn Iowans

Mrs Eulele McKecknie Shinn... Columbia

the Wigwam of Hiawatha...

Teenage Girls Zaneeta Shinn in pale blue

76 trombones... Ensemble B

76 trombones

Harold meets the Pick'a little Talk a little ladies

The pick a little ladies finally approve Marian's Membership after reading Chaucer, Rabile and of course Balzac

The barber shop quartet

that's better they look the part now....

River City Boys Band Saves the day!

La de Dah de Dah de Dah.. Lah de Dah... La de Dah

So there you have it darlings... Just a small selection from the 1100+ photos taken at the show.
Is it any wonder I'm feeling knackered!
I thing I'll go have that well earned drink now...

Bottoms Up Darlings....