Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Never Dies...

Hello Dhaaarlings..

Princess has just got in from a matinee at the theatre... Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to"Phantom of the Opera" ....

 "Love Never Dies"

Well Darlings... In my opinion it should have!

And funnily enough... after seeing the show before reading the review I held very similar thoughts...

Read a review "Here"

Its only saving grace was the incredibly elaborate and imaginative sets and  fabulously colourful and quirky costume design.

As for the Music and Lyrics...... Could someone please pass me a bucket!
Not one memorable tune out of the lot of them.

At least with "Phantom" having the repetitive theme assaulting your ears through very loud organ pipes all evening at least sent you home humming a tune that you could a) remember and b) recognise if you heard it again

This one... Zilch! I couldn't hum a tune from it if you paid me...

But... at least it was a visual feast for the eyes...
And that.. In my opinion... At least gives it some redemption

But I did however, enjoy with much wonderment and just a little pride in seeing for the first time some of my (now deceased) Great Uncles work in the plaster moulded ceilings and walls that he worked on during the theatre's
construction. You can see some of the works in the video with the review link 

Or Go to this site for a historical tour


  1. It looks fantastic.
    Too bad you can't hum looks.

  2. It looks very pretty in the pictures - I'm sure it gave you plenty of costume ideas for the future.
    The Phantom of the Opera never appealed to me... Sarah Brightman and Micheal Crawford howling away... no, wasn't for me.

  3. Hello Princess:
    Alas, we do not care for the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at all, but do agree on the splendour and colour of both the set and the costumes of this production.

    But the link to Melbourne's Regent Theatre held us spellbound. What a fascinating history of fire, restoration, near demolition and finally refurbishment with organs thrown in for good measure. Wonderful.

  4. There was a vampire musical (Tanz Der Vampir) on in Berlin that looked interesting, but my vocabulary really wasn't up to it.

  5. I heard it was a load of shite. We went to see Pricilla at The Palace theatre instead, starring Alf from Home and Away.

  6. Mistress MJ adores old theatres and mourns the loss of so many here in North America.

    The fact that your great uncle worked on the theatre's construction proves that the theatah is in your blood.

  7. Nothing worse than sitting through a turkey, but I am glad for the costuming, they really do look like a treat!