Monday, March 26, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

Just some... of the poppy hats waiting for their final tizzying!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Audition weekend has been and almost gone!

Final cast numbers are 60 players!

All 60 kids have been measured for costume sizing... and now the real work begins...

Princess has the job of creating

30! Poppies   24 girls/ 6 boys

6 Flying Monkeys

26 Winkies

8 Crows

24 Jitterbugs

That the team want to be lit with battery pack LED lights sewn in to the costume! I just love a challenge!

9 Cyclones

28 Ozians but more specifically the 3 Manicurists/ 3 Beauticians/ 3 Polishers That I'll be designing and making the uniforms for... 

Professor Marvel... Replete with Vest and matching turban

30 Munchkins! / Various including the 3 Lollipop Leaguers and The Coroner...

fortunately most of the munchkins will be dressed in costumes from previous productions with just a little tweaking...

Every kid in the Supporting cast has between 3 to 5 costume changes throughout the show!

So it will be Head down and Bum up from now to the end of July for this little Princess.

With somewhere near 200 individual costumes to source design and create I'll be hoping to co-opt some parental volunteers to assist me... 

Wish me luck Darlings!


  1. I see fabulousness in your future!

  2. LUCK? sugar, you need a crew of helpers!!! seriously, if anyone can pull this miracle off, it will be you, darling! break a needle, toots! ;~) xoxooxoxoxoxox

    1. Thanks Savvy
      Honestly, I hope you are right.... Fortunately not all the costumes need to be made from scratch, Particularly the Sepia scenes on the farm and the bulk of the Munchkins are already completed from past productions... We are hoping that many of the Emerald city ones will be bought from recycle shops. but still.... It is a seemingly daunting task at the moment....

  3. Hello darling! When this is done you will need a stay at the Casa darling! You will be the next Edith Head! And I do believe, if you could, design me a whole huge gown of nothing but the poppy hats, it would make for a nice entrance to the Night of a Thousand Gowns. You get paid for all the work I hope, and well?

    1. A gown made of poppy hats sounds easy compared to this line up!
      If only I had the time (and the Money) I'd be on your doorstep in a flash! Sadly, it is a voluntary thing that I'm doing to gain experience and build up a portfolio... There is a small monetary reward for me at the end but it is really only enough to cover my travel costs. If they paid me by the hour they couldn't afford me!

  4. That's so cool that the Jitterbugs are in it! With LEDs!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr Lax
      I thought inclusion of the jitterbugs was a cool idea too until they mentioned wanting them to be lit up! I'm in the process of sourcing battery pack strings of coloured LED Light kits that can do the job... The sewing part is the easy bit!

  6. Thanks Bob
    I just see lots and lots of hard work at the moment... But I'm looking forward to the creative challenge... I'll be happy to talk about fabulousness once the job is complete!

  7. Gee,
    I wish I lived closer, I'd Bring my cast-iron Singer over for a little cutting & cocktails!

    1. Hi Wally
      Darling, your Singer would be most welcome!
      How do cocktails over a few "Show Tunes" sound... Snipping away to our hearts content? The Phaff's fired up as we speak!

  8. Stripey tights!

    We're rooting for you.

    1. Hi MJ
      I was just wondering where one might procure some stripey tights! If you have any old spare ones send them my way... I'm not fussed on colour and could cope with the occasional worn gusset!... I'm not going to be wearing them... Well I won't be admitting to wearing them anyway! I'll pay postage!

  9. For stripey tights, try Immoral Fashions.

    From what I can tell, they’re based in Newtown, New South Wales and you can purchase online. I’m not sure if they have a retail outlet.

  10. For some reason, "Immoral Fashions" (above) does not appear in a different colour to indicate there's a link there. But click it and you'll see.

  11. Thanks MJ, the link worked fine! I'm not sure that the finance department will come at the prices! Thanks for the tip though... I'll pass on the information to the team! I'll try the local market stands over coming weeks to see if I can get them any cheaper... the yellow and black ones would be great for Crow Legs! thankx again darling

  12. What about a noose for the hanging scene ?

    1. My Dear Mitzi
      Well hung munchkins! What a surprise. I guess that's one way to decorate your tree....

  13. Just a small school production, eh? You do need some helping hands with that - as you already saied, dear Princess, less sewing, more organizing. You have April, May and June, phew ...

    1. Hello Mr Maggs
      Yes there will be a lot of work! The sewing bit is the easy part! It's the sketching of the costumes, sourcing of all the fabrics, designing and engineering the costumes, drafting patterns and then cutting out the pattern pieces in fabric that takes all the time...
      I'm really getting into it all though and have set a goal to have all of the costumes that I am directly responsible for completed by the end of July! Well that's the goal anyway!

      No doubt there will be regular progress reports, updates and pictures here at the Palais! Even the Empress is getting out her sewing kit for this one!

  14. Oh. Dear. Gods.

    You do love a challenge don't you?

    You want more than a few pairs of hands, you need a whole troop of them.

    That means we won't see you for ages! Boo.

    But, it does look like fun.

    Or at least, it will next year.

  15. Hi Roses
    You need not worry about me needing a hand... I'll have 30 pairs of "Jazz Hands" for the poppy Dance number decked out in white(for the boys) and long red evening gloves on the girls!

    I'll still attemt to post and make the rounds but perhaps not as frequently...

    Must away darling... there are another 96 petals to make for the other 12 poppy flower hats awaiting me today!

  16. I thought about a winkie costume for Halloween last year but I couldn't get it to stay on. All the costumes are elaborate and must be time consuming and I would love to wear a flying monkey cape to church. I admire the patience of your skill and talents.

  17. Towards the end of the post I nearly sang: ...and a partridge in a pear tree!
    But that's probably for your next production.
    Best of luck, m'dear!!!