Monday, June 18, 2012

Up To Some... Monkey Business!!!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess has been flat out phaffing over a pile of pale blue velleure stretch and contrasting grey fur in the process of creating some "monkey business"... 

Here's a Sneak Peak

6 headpieces yet to have their fez hats attached...

And matching pale blue body suits...

I've still to make the bolero jackets and "modesty shorts" that will be worn over the top of the body suit... But that is tomorrows task...

I had a brief meeting with the "head costumier" yesterday.... Who I think was hoping that I would take on some of her work as she is still having "terrible trouble" with her sewing machine... 

Instead I commiserated with her over her mechanical difficulties and let her know that I too had been having problems with a broken over-locking machine that has been out of action for the past week. 

During the conversation I bought her up to speed as to my progress so far and in the same conversation managed to nicely handball some extra work her way! Yes! I know.... It's not often that Princess actually stands up for herself! 

Given that I have the bulk of the support cast costumes over (120 at the moment) to make I figured that adding another 24 Winkie Costumes to my current responsibilities would be too greater job without any assistance.

The Winkies are the Wicked Witches Guardsmen that are dressed in great coats and big furry beefeater hats.

There has been no further discussion regarding what their costumes were to be made of or who was to purchase the fabric to create the costumes since early planning meetings. Each time I have mentioned winkies in the past when have found suitable fabrics and trims I been told that the costumes are to be sourced form existing stock or procured from opportunity shops.

So yesterday I kindly informed her that I would be unable to make the Winkie costumes and given that she only has 15 lead cast costumes to make I figured that taking on another 24 costumes seemed to be quite a reasonable request...

To this she replied..."Oh well...I'll just have to find someone else to make them then!" and then went on to say how there hasn't been any response to her requests for volunteers to help her make the costumes that she is making already.....

Is my frustration level showing???


Today I suddenly realised...

That it is still "The Year of the Arse" Darlings

So lets Celebrate

Bottoms Up Darlings!...


  1. There is a special corner in The Oubliette, just for her.

    1. Don't you dare sully the Oubliette with that woman!

      She doesn't deserve to have any of the pleasure of Infomanic, even the painful bits. Humpf.

    2. Right you are, Miss Roses.

      I'll just toss her into the moat and let her fend for herself.

    3. would you mind if i lowered the drawbridge on her head whilst she's there?

  2. I still don't know how you do it all!!!!! And love that you used your ex's head to mold for the head form. He was quite handsome wasn't he, nice strong jaw line I see! He must have been good at oral. Hang in there honey!!!! And enjoy a arse and tonic!!!

    1. Thanks Maddie Darling... If only i'd had a lover that looked something like that!

      tonic was just the ticket!

  3. "Princess actually stands up for herself"


    [monkey costume pix]


    1. Just wait until you see the jacket, shorts and hat that go with the suit Mr Lax... I've even impressed myself on this one!

      (I should have more pics by end of week)


    oops... that was supposed to be ASS POWER!!!

    little freudian slip, maybe?


    1. There are a selection of power arses below for your enjoyment Huggy Jon....

  5. The headpiece looks too too cool....

    Whenever I needed help with a big project my helper's sewing machine would always be "acting up". Must be catchy...


    1. Thank you Wally, they are coming along quite nicely!
      wait till you see the finished item!

  6. Honey, it's good to see you're no longer hiding your fabulousness!

    And she can just fuck off.

    I think you know where I'm coming from.

    And I love, love, love the Flying Monkeys. Can't wait to see them finished! xxx

  7. Thank you my lovely Roses... I thoroughly concur with your sentiment. following the note I got from her today i'm about ready to punch her fucking lights out for her! Long Story!

    You will love the finished costumes... of that i am quite sure!

    1. E-mail me if you want to rant.

      You know, there are loads of us with hexing experience...

  8. I kill sewing machines (sadly).
    But you? You're ahMAZING! Sheer GENIUS!
    I can't wait to see the finished costume.
    As for the head cunt? Oops ... I meant Head Costumier.
    In the words of the lovely Roses, she fuck right off.
    Don't punch her yourself .... she's not worth the bruises to your precious and delicate hands. =)

  9. I have not the smallest clue about sewing, but understand that the "head coustumiere" is a payne in the ass.
    But what are these "modesty pants" you mention in the first part, I have no idea what it means and how this fits to the final Kostüm, sorry. You will show a picture of it, yes?

  10. a little canadian birdie tells me it's your birthday!
    I'll be wishing you a very happy one....with lots of lovely presents much like the three up there.
    Just be careful and don't shake them too hard.

    Lovely arses, as always.

  12. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

    Bottoms UP!!!

    Have a great one darling!

  13. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, dear Princess!

    Arsch hoch!

  14. Where are you?

    I miss you.


  15. I'm hoping you haven't stitched yourself into a corner on your birthday...

    Happy Birthday & I hope all is well.

    Come back soon.