Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Dharlings...
What day is this?
I've been ill for the past week and seem to have lost all track of time. 

It's the Empresses fault and thoroughly blame her for passing on the contagion. 
She spent the previous weekend in bed drifting in and out of consciousness with high fevers and a terrible cough, I couldn't get her to the doctor til late Monday when we could start on some antibiotics... Fortunately they started to kick in by Wednesday and she had started to improve a little but by then I'd started to come down with a similar symptoms...

It has been quite an awful bug really, Headaches, aches and pains all over, high temperatures that cause you to shiver as if you are really really cold then breaking out into sweats that leave you and your bedclothes soakingly wet through.

 Sore throat, itchy watery eyes and every time you cough it feels like either your head will explode or you will pee yourself!. But then how would you know if you had peed yourself as the bed is already awash with sweat. All you are able to do is remain in bed and waft in and out of consciousness which tends, as i have discovered to cause one to lose track of time.

The days and nights just seem to meld into a continuous blurr...

I haven't touched a costume for over a week now and time is running out. 
Hopefully I've turned the corner with this bug as the sweats have stopped and the cough and headaches are improving... I just feel drained. 
The empress has been slower to recover but is still making small gains daily.

I just hate winter. This one has been particularly colder than past years and seems to have started much earlier. I am missing the sunshine and so is the garden.

The Jutterbugs and Cyclones were coming along nicely up until this bug hit. I'll be trying to pick up from where i left off over the next day or so.
And hopefully will have some photos to share once they are done. 

In the meantime more sleep is looking good!


  1. That sounds miserable. Best wishes and please take care of yourself.

  2. YIKES! feel better soonest, sweetheart! i'm sending you a virtual pot of my best healsfromwithin&makesyoubetterFAST chicken soup! xoxooxox

  3. This sounds rotten. Indulge in hot toddies and feel better soon.

  4. Holy shit! Take care m'dear! You all need to drink enough water and juices and stuff, vegetables, vitamines, all these healthy things, be careful with the Pfaff, you do not need no throwback ... are there vitamines in the vodka fountain?

  5. "I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worthwhile."
    George Bernard Shaw

    Get Well Soon! Jx

  6. Oh poor Prinny!!!!! I hope you feel better soon. Should I send a houseboy over to tend to your bedside? He always takes a nice temperture!

  7. *fluffs pillows*

    I've got to do all the work here!

    Hugs and kisses, mon chéri!

  8. Thanks Everyone! Things remain slowly on the improve... at least I don't feel like my lungs are being shredded by razor blades every time i cough now. The Empress is coming along nicely tho her appetite for food remains non existent. But she will force herself to have some homemade soup. We continue to visit the Doctor every second day for progress reviews. It seems to have been a very long week or so...
    in other news..
    The jitterbugs will have their wings by Friday... and most of the Cyclones will be ready to twist by Monday next in the hope that current improvement in health is maintained...

  9. I am so sorry to hear that. What wretched timing!

    Lots of fluids, remain in bed...oh....

    Rest up honey.

  10. You need a good dose of vitamin S, my gentlemen callers swear its the best pick me up there is, especially when taken orally! Get well soon dear Princess.

  11. Dearie, I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling poorly AND working all the while. How tiresome.