Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Merry Old Land Of OZ...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princesses work is completely done!
Cyclones, Munchkins, Crows, Poppies, Ozian Inhabitants, Jitterbugs, Winkies and Flying monkeys were all ready, dressed fed and watered and rearing to take to the stage by opening night.

I have worked my arse off to get this job done and am so proud of the result...

It has all been so worthwhile.
Graciously putting aside my difficulties with the head costumier and pretty much putting my own flair for design into each and every costume i have made.
Even going the extra mile and making 25 hats for the Winkie Soldiers, of which the head costumier didn't feel they needed as they were only "minor roles" until she came up gushing all over me with excitement
 after seeing the final result!
(Well the Empress and I didn't sit up stitching feathers and beads onto fur hats until 4 in the morning for nothing on the night before final dress rehearsal!)

Here are some photo's from the programme...

The Leads...

Glinda and the Munchkins and Poppies

The flower costumes from Alice in Wonderland were re cycled for this show, and after much discussion I finally got them into the original dresses I designed to go with the big hats with just a bit of rouching up around the skirts hanging over the petticoats to make them look a little more like munchkin flowers... (Yes darlings I finally had a win! The head costumier was determined to make them look dowdy!... they didn't on the night!)

To appreciate the Flying monkey's you really have to see them moving... With fur added to the hands and feet they look spectacular and the tails seem to move independently as they move about the stage.
One of the lads even does back flips in his costume and everything stays on and in place!

Imagine 25 Jitterbugs lit up with little battery powered strings of multi coloured lights,
All dancing under a black light... The antenna all lit up in fluro colours


Note the Winkie Guards Helmet (Thank you for the bling and feathers Empress)

Emerald City and the Great OZ, who's coat you may have seen as the Mad Hatter

The Cast

It has been huge!
Set and costume changes have been complicated but at the same time the results have been magnificent.

It is the final night tonight and so it will all be over for another year.

Next year will be a Production of "Annie"

I think I'll be needing a well earned rest before even contemplating that one!


  1. Thank you for the program pix! All are absolutely spectacular!

    "Well Done!" to all of you, cast and crew alike!

    1. Thanks Mr Lax,
      Tonights show was the final and I must say the best!
      Standing ovations from the audience. Many were blown away by the standards met by the cast, staging, sets and of course costuming
      I'm still in a huge high!

  2. PS: I saw Wicked when I was last in Sydney. OZ in OZ, how cool was that!

    Even though it was an all-Aussie cast, they did the show with American accents. It was like I was in Kansas...

    1. Our producer is an American married to an Aussie... So the kids had the Kansas Accent down to a tee...

  3. Simply amazing, you must be K'velen.... wish I could be there to see it!

    1. Dear Wally, I wish i could have flown you all over just to see the show... I was just fantastic. People traveled up from Melbourne just to see it! And have gone home more than impressed!

  4. Hello Princess:
    All that work, and sewing until four in the morning, little wonder that you are completely exhausted, but TRIUMPHANT, and particularly where the Head Costumier is concerned. The whole show looks absolutely spectacular and the costumes are amazing and highly imaginative, as of course we should expect them to be in your hands.

    We do hope that you have received the accolades richly deserving for all of this work.

    1. Triumphant describes my mood perfectly! thank you Jane and Lance.
      I have made peace with the head costumier and escorted her to the stage on my arm at the end of the show to receive a standing ovation and flowers for our combined efforts.

    2. Ps. I was given a huge bunch of fresh poppies!

  5. So beautiful, and such an accomplishment.

    Have a drink.
    Take a nap.
    Repeat step 1.

  6. Thanks Bob! I am well on the way to taking your advice!

  7. Congratulations to all, but especially to you, dear Princess! What a lot of work - and a spectacular result!
    I think you can allow yerself now to be a little proud.
    Melbourne next?

    1. Thank you MR Mags,
      It has been nice to allow myself a little chill time over the past week. No pressure or deadlines is such a relief after the constant effort required over the past several months...

  8. amazing! congrats, Princess. wow.

    1. Thanks Jason.
      I'm quite proud of the final outcome... I met a lady in the shops who saw the show. She was still raving over the costumes... particularly the flying monkeys!

  9. I think the costumes for Annie will be a doddle after this lot.

    1. Dear Miss Scarlet,
      I'm hoping the same but I suspect there will still be quite a bit of work to do as the last time the company put on "Annie" the kids were all only half the size that they are now. And they have expanded in numbers.

  10. ♪♫ "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Zip-a-dee-a Pee on my poo, ya that is the way..." ♪♫

    Ooops! That's the wrong musical, isn't it? Sorry! Where are my manners. Oh dear, I am bitting my nails out of spite for having missed the show but unfortunaltely I couldn't get my private jet ready on time. Maybe I'll be able to make it next year. Until then, tou-re-lou and you deserve to spend a whole week in the best spa in OZ: imagine this: pedicure and manicure, daily massage by hot, sexy and beffy young lads, the best food there is.......

    ♪♫ "Tomorrow tomorrow i love you tomorrow ♪♫


    1. What beautiful sentiments Jon.
      I've spent this week gone, sleeping mostly, catching up on some reading and cleaning up the studio ready for the next costume frenzy. Hopefully "Annie" won't be as demanding of my time as our friend Dorothy was....

  11. A BIG round of applause and rose petals at your feet for your outstanding contribution, Prinny.

    Thanks for keeping us posted throughout the entire process.

    Your creative spirit shines through!

    1. You are most kind MJ. I'll sweep the rose petals into a pile near the vase of poppies. The combination of the poppy and rose petals should look spectacular combined...

    What an amazing accomplishment!
    I bow at your feet my dear!

    1. Thank you BlazingScarlet,
      It has been a long but very worthwhile effort.

  13. You've really excelled yourself this time. Well done dear! now go and have a cup of tea and a fag.

    1. Thanks Mitzi
      A cuppa is just the ticket, I'll be on the lookout for a fag too.

  14. *claps hands all excitedly*

    Wonderful, just wonderful.

    You did those kids proud! That your talent made all of them feel a star, whatever their role was just so awesome of you.

    And The Empress helped too!

    What a fabulous experience. You must be exhausted, I hope your back is okay.

    Lots and lots of love to you!!!