Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Life....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Princess just seems to have work being thrown in her direction from all angles at the moment!

I'm continuing to slowly work through making costumes for "Annie"
The costumes are for  the end of year school production again and.... in the tradition of last years 
"Alice in Wonderland" SPECTACULAR....are again not what you might expect from your usual school production.

25 orphans needing Aprons and Bloomers
25 Orphan Party Frocks
20 flapper style drop waist evening dresses for NYC
"Star to Be's" Extravaganza in pink...
Grace's Canary Yellow Floaty little number
Lilly St Regis in a Tarty Twin-set with peplum jacket
And putting together another 25 hobos and tramp costumes sourced from op shops

More photos to follow darlings just be patient!

"Maude" as Lilly St Regis...

Fortunatley... but much to Maud's chagrin (and as a result has been hitting the cooking sherry on a very regular basis)... I have acquired not One but Two adjustable dress mannequins

"Charlotte" as "Star to Be" and a naked "Francine" in the background...
Meet Charlotte and the more ample Francine.

"The Girls... "Blinged up" for a night out in NYC"

Their arrival have made my life so much more easy as I am able to hang frocks to get a better sizing and fit and they allow me see how the frock/costume might look on a more realistic body shape!

In other news I have been commissioned to create costumes based on the Battle of Hastings of 1066 for a class of students that re-enact the Battle as part of their studies....

I'm pretty sure that none of these blokes are the students involved....

There is a reasonable budget provided for fabric and I will be payed for my work!  

I'm also in the process of negotiations with a bride to commission making the gowns for he bridal party 
Here is the design she has picked....

3 bridesmaids and 2 junior bridesmaids  
with just a few alterations required to this pattern...
This will be a good money earner but will also be a challenge as I have not done couture bridal work for some years now so I will be honing up on my boning skills....

The plan at this stage is to ditch the roses and add some tasteful "Bling" to the gather on the hip...

Sage green for the Bridesmaids and Aubergine for the Junior Bridesmaids

I'm really keen to get going on all of them but will have to schedule my pace of work given the pain levels I experience with sessions at the phaff... And just pray that my back doesn't get any worse at the moment I'm managing well...

In other news.... the Empress continues with weekly trips to Melbourne for further investigations on her hip whilst I patiently await news on further investigations on my back. At present we are both coping with the physical impact on our health. With lots of rests and short Nanny/"Annie" naps

Oh and in late news....
The producer for the youth theatre that i did the Wizard of Oz costumes for has just announced that she is trying to get the rights for "Phantom" for Next years production. Good grief!!!!

So... in celebration of that news.... here's an Arse.... Just for good measure....

Looking at the state of the chair...

 I'd guess that it's a bit of a sweaty arse darlings...

Bottoms Up!


  1. Wow! What a range of assignments! Can't wait to see the Hastings costumes.

    Wishing you and The Empress all the best.

  2. Can't help dear Princess, but these Hastings blokes look a bit like the cast of a Monthy Python movie ...

  3. The codpiece wasn't invented until around the mid-1400s so you'll save on fabric there.

  4. Rose, Dorothy and Blanche spring to mind! I Can't wait to see the wedding dress!

  5. Good grief.

    How on earth are you managing to get everything done? You realise you've only got 24 hours in a day?

    I love your enthusiasm. You are on a roll.

    I hope your back behaves itself and the Empress' hip gets sorted soonest.

    Hugs and hugs to you darling.

  6. Bloomers AND a tarty twin set? Who better to turn to than Princess?

    And Yay for getting paid. Certainly, you deserve it.

  7. That sounds brilliant. I'm so pleased for all the success you've had. Can't wait to see the results of all that boning daaaarling.

    You rock and I hope your back and the Empress hip will be better soon.

  8. Seriously YAY for getting paid! Look at you all bringing home the bacon and sewing it up into a wedding dress! The fabric is flying!