Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What the Duck???

Hello Dhaaarlings...


Things are getting curiouser and curiouser around here...

I had a very strange day today... And sometimes I have to think that God has a very warped sense of humour...
It all started with one of those quite out of the blue phone calls...

 You know the one's... When the person on the other end of the phone is the one person that is  furthest from your mind while you are in the middle of hemming frocks and cutting out ties... and someone that you very rarely think about... other than to lament about some of the horrible classes you had to sit through....

 Well ...  It turned out to be one of my lecturers from when I did my clothing design course some years back... I'd always had a rather "Prickly" shall we say... relationship with her during my course and so I almost fell on the floor in shock at hearing her voice on the phone.

She said that she had an interesting business  proposition to put to me and thought that I might be the right person to talk to and If I was indeed interested, could we meet and talk it over...

"Er... Sure" I said... "Come on over... But can you give me a hint as to what it is all about..."

"Ducks" she said "I'll explain it all when I get there..."

It turns out that she has been approached by a local farmer that has a mobile petting zoo and is in the process of expanding his business to include a "Duck Fashion Show" to take around to Schools Shopping Centres and local Agricultural shows... Apparently there has been some farmer doing these shows for years but has now retired and he is taking up the mantle...

So I said I'd think it over and get in contact with the farmer for some more details...

She left me a pile of pictures that she had been working with and a calico toile of something she'd been "playing with" and a wooden Duck!

She was very impressed with the work I've been doing for the theatre when I showed her my brag book of costumes and my current bridesmaid gowns... "They are beautiful" Very high praise considering our past...

We had a great old catch up with what we have both been up to over the past few years... It was nice to see her...

We said our goodbyes and I went back to finishing frocks...

This afternoon the farmer phoned me... Sounding very keen and excited over my lecturers high praise and reccommendation from a phone call he had just had with her!
He sounds like quite a nice guy on the phone... with lots of plans and ideas for duck costumes and what he wants to do with them...
He admitted that he is not able to sew but he is however a qualified sewing machine mechanic.... Who would have thunk?

I have arranged for him to come over to meet mid next week to get a better handle on his plans and discuss a business proposition...

Some days just Quack me up!


  1. Just be sure to put down plastic sheeting on the floor when the duck come by for their fittings!


    1. It's quite Ok Mr Lax... I've already been researching patterns for "Duck Diapers" I'm more conscerned about the dogs reaction... He's quite partial to "something on the wing" having already developed a taste for fresh free range chicken... Feathers and all! I'm not sure as to wether he's sampled duck... Guess I'll soon find out!

  2. Project Duckway?
    Sounds intriguing.
    With Heidi Kluck and Tim Gander?

    1. Sounds like an opportunity for a spin-off series Bob! We could have a celebrity duckwalk staaring Donald, Daffy and Daisy as models.... I'll get my people to contact your people shall I!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the Idea MJ! I may well be looking for a "Webbedware Designer"... I'll pop you on the list of hopefuls... There's bound to be a rush for the position once word gets out!

    2. I'm already seeeing a range of Hiking boots, Cowboy boots, stillettos and... erm... Crocks!

    3. Miss Love and her duck.

      Princess, this duck-thing is a sure success! Will there be a China duck too (süß-sauer)?

    4. Hello Mr Mags... I nearly missed you...
      I agree... I think the concept has some potential but i need to know more before comitting myself.
      Farmer was talking taking the show on national tours!
      It is very early days as yet...

  4. Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddleduck does angry anal?

    1. I guess this takes "Angry Birds" to a whole ne level!

  5. I was going to say something witty, but I can't stop thinking about orange sauce...

    1. ..and magret and foie gras!

      but I thought they were geese!

  6. I know a lot of odd people and yet, oddly enough, you're the first to have ever taken up Duck Couture.

    1. Peenee Darling... But I haven't taken it up just yet... I'm still to meet the fashionable farmer....
      I should have more to tell by the end of next week