Monday, October 14, 2013

To Post... or... Not to Post...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Last week whilst out and about snapping some shots of tulips in the local gardens I couldn't help myself and started taking some shots of old buildings in town...

This one happens to be the old original post office... No longer functioning as a post office, the beautiful old "Second Empire" style building now assumes the role and functions as the Tourist Information Centre...

The Old Post Office with it's clock tower and belfry stands directly opposite "The Shamrock Hotel"
Another building styled on Second Empire design.

The clock tower plays the Westmister Chimes (Badly... I think the bells need a good tuneup) marking the quarter hour, half hour, three quarter hour and then chimes the full tune on the hour and then lets fly with a single bell chiming out the hour it is on about... for example 10 bells = 10 o'clock. 

The side entrance to the post office is no longer used and has been gated off... but I think it still looks pretty amazing for an old girl...


The streetlamps as far as I can gather are the originals and up until taking some shots hadn't noticed they are adorned with crowns on top of the lamp itself...

And the rather substantial bases have been adorned with fanciful looking creatures that appear to have the head of a lion... dragon wings... a snake like body and appear to culminate in what looks like a horses hoof

There are four of these things around each lamp base.


Lion heads also feature prominantly on the walls along with the arched windows and intricate masonary work and sandstone carving.

There are also male and female heads carved over the door archways (I have no Idea who they are meant to represent) and some intricate carving above the doors and the dome of the portico ceiling

More lions on the columns, and finally the balustrade near the stairs...

So there you have it ... Princesses excursion to the GPO...
Next time I visit it I'll try to remember to take some photos of the inside of the building with it's original service desk still in situ along with some of the original postal boxes. It also houses regular local artist exhibitions in one of it's galleries....


  1. Fabulous pictures, dhaarling! I've taken many walks around my town recently but didn't get any pictures as awesome as yours.

    And now, I realise I missed many of your latest posts, dear. I'll checked them out as soon as I get back home this afternoon.

    Ta-ta! :)


  2. I wish I had taken more pictures when I was younger, when I frequented grand buildings. I took my environment too much for granted, and now many of my favourite buildings have been flattened to make way for practical, cost effective replacements.
    I look forward to more pics.

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  4. What a gorgeous building. In America it would have become a Starbucks.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful pix. The creatures on the lamppost are really cool.

    I recall that there were lots of cool buildings there, although I did not take any pix. I hope we get to see more.

  6. Splendid, Princess! You have inspired me to take some of my own.

    Now all I have to do is remember to take my camera with me!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Good to see the grand old girl looking so good.

    I love the little details that mean you've got to look several times and every time you look, you see something new.

    Modern buildings are so dull by comparison. Flat, square, boring.

  8. Oh Prinny....I don't recall ever seeing your quite lovely town!!!! The reason I got into blogs originally was to see others cities and towns. That building is remarkable for it's age and I LOVE the architecture of it. Looks very close to Philadelphia's City Hall. Very nice post Prinny!!!!!

  9. They really took time for details back then. Building a house in such way means that you want it to last.
    What do we built today?

    When I visit such houses I always wonder about the generous space. It makes something mundane like bringing in a letter something special. You enter the space where the people who take care of your letter reside. Of course it can have an intimidating effect too.
    I will photograph a house here, also with sandstone, but totally different, when I'll come down to the city in the next days.