Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's Spring Again and I'll Sing Again.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...
my goodness... doesn't time fly...
Especially when one is up to ones pits in bark and sawdust...

I'd have been tip toing through the tulips but sadly I didn't get around to planting any... never mind... perhaps an adventure to some of the local parks might just be the ticket to view the councils effort with tulips this year...

now where was I?... Oh that's right... up to my pits in bark and saw dust

I've been busy in the garden trying to get it back to resembling some form of its former glory...

No mean feat I might add considering the amounts of bark and sawdust laying about after having the huge gumtree removed from the back corner of the yard.... not to mention the piles and piles of wood stacked haphazardly about the nooks and crannies making it difficult to actually get into some of the areas needing to be worked.
so it has been a somewhat adventurous task particularly when the trusty old trailer that I take all the clippings and detritus to the tip with... decided to go on strike!
Yes!... That's right!.... After 25 years of neglect it decided that not only would one of it's tires develop an irreparable split in it's side wall but the other, decided to go out in sympathy with it by developing a slow leak... how rude I thought.... After all I haven't done for you over the years and this is how you repay me!
2 new tyres later and I could finally get back to work... or so I THOUGHT...
I filled the trailer with rubbish and tied it all down ready for a run to the tip the next morning.... well that was the plan. on making a final check before going out the driveway I discovered that one of the brand new tires was totally flat! not only that but the  tyre had pulled away from the rim making it impossible to tow.
I contacted the tyre mob who eventually realized my predicament after several phonecalls of to-ing and fro-ing... you know like initially saying to "bring the trailer in and they would take a look at it mate"... Then " well... bring the wheel in and we'll fix it" and finally " oh... so the trailers full...  and you don't have the right tools to remove the wheel to bring it in to us"
eventually they sent out the manager who within the space of 20 minutes removed the offending wheel took it back to the store to be fixed and returned and put it back on the trailer... All for no fee!

Any way back to the garden...

The rose path is about to come into bloom

Princess has wood!

and even Bigger wood...

and a lovely crop of "Sticky Willy"

the self sown "Jonny Jump ups" continue to survive in two old wheelbarrows...

the peony roses are just about done...

but the Wisteria has again been stunning...

I'm feeling good again and my energy levels keep getting better as well...
The Empress gets out and potters about in the garden with me but it is spasmodic as her blood pressure still causes problems and she ends up spending the day in bed or on her favourite recliner chair when it drops to low and she starts getting the giddies on me... It doesn't stop her from coming up with multiple suggestions for plantings in the garden, maintenance that needs to be done around the yard or new things that need to be built or fixed... the trouble is... there is only one of me and her list of ideas keeps getting longer... when she is up to working she tends to push herself all day despite my pleas for her to take a break. subsequently she is exhausted for the next day or so....
not to worry... as life goes on...

Anyway darlings I'm looking forward to catching up with all your gardening efforts over at MJ's annual event...
you can all just take wander about while you here...
and don't be surprised if you find me Bottom up in the shrubbery...


  1. Oh! That wisteria............My unruly beast is gone.The Man finally cleared all the bits from atop the pergola and now I'm wondering what to do with the space.
    So glad you're feeling better.Although, I'd be a wee bit concerned at all that Sticky Wiillie!

  2. I love the rose path and the wisteria. Oh, how I dream of Spring, as I look up my autumnal back passage and see all the falling leaves and moss... Jx

  3. Wow! What a lot of work! And the results show it! Well done Princess, I think you will win this year!

    1. May we remind you that the Garden Photos Event is NOT a competition.

  4. Princess, What a gorgeous and vibrant variety of beautiful plants you've nurtured in your rich garden! I am also impressed by the tire service company coming out on site to fix the problem once you clarified the situation. Nicely done!

    I'm glad to hear you and the Empress are in good health--at least better. I imagine that gum tree has given y'all plenty of mulch, firewood for heat, and wood for BBQ! There are so many ways to enjoy and appreciate a good hardwood.

    Stay healthy and safe and strong! Cheers and Good Health to you and the Empress and family.

  5. As you can imagine Johnny Jumps Ups are one of my favorites. And I do believe dear, you may have more wood that the Casa du Borghese !!!!! So nice to see you posting.

  6. I am VERY impressed with your pile of thick, girthy wood. I do love a nice gum tree, but I must say, your garden looks much brighter and airier without it. Everything's so bright and colourful. And that bed of irises looks lie it's going to put on quite a show!

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling nearly as vibrant as your beautiful garden, and that The Empress is feeling better too - in or out of her chair!

  7. Oh yes, the rose path ! And of course you are right, it looks and feels much airier now. I am glad to learn that you and the empress are feeling better, that energy levels increase, hey it's life ! Good to see that the tyre-man did fix what needed to be fixed without much ado. Hey, I am glad that you spread yer garden here, something the Mistress never does despite a lot of begging from her audience !

  8. Lovely garden, sugar! It really is mad how different a garden can be when a tree is removed! We had the same surprise when one of water oaks had to be cut down! Of course, now the sun still shines on our non-flowering garden! LOL xoxo (glad you and the Empress are feeling better!)

  9. I love the smell of Wisteria... and I wish it would flower 12 months of the year! I also wish I had the motivation to commit to doing the garden - maybe next year.
    Will you be having log fires in Winter?
    Your tyre service is most impressive!

  10. Lovely. And (a bit off topic), Elf Shorts, please, Prinny?

  11. Darling, yer still with us ?

  12. Where's my comment ? Prinny - Ey ?! Yer still with us, yes ?!

  13. Dear Princess,

    I hope that all is well with you and that your loved ones are doing fine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and gorgeous garden with us. Thank you for making us laugh, for dazzling us with your creativity, and for being a wonderful, caring, fantastic human being. Thank you for your support and your friendship.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


    Happy Holidays! May the season fill you with joy, laughter, and peace. May the New Year keep you in good health and surround you with good food, good company, and good times. May fortune smile upon you, and May strength and wisdom guide you to a happy, safe, and wonderful year.

    Cheers and Best wishes to you, the Empress, and your entire family and friends.


  14. Happy Christmas, Prinny!

    It's bitterly cold here with loads of snow. You're probably sweltering right now!

  15. Merry Christmas, Princess! I hope you're having a wonderful Winterval and are not too rushed off your feet?

  16. Happy Christmas for the Empress and You, dearest Princess !
    I hope it's all going well.

  17. Merry Christmas to the Empress and you, dear Princess !

    I hope it is all going well with you.

  18. Hello Darlings and thanks for the Christmas well wishes... I apologise for being a very slack arse in not doing a Christmas post or an update on happenings at the Palais or sorting out something with those fucking green elf shorts.! JUst let me get over the coming New Year and I'll give you all a formal gossip, events tragedies performances and festivities. Meanwhile I have to go and see to another kefuffle in the gnome garden... sadly the fges escaped once again from their preserving jar an are now constantly being fought over by the fucking gnomes as to which one of them is going to be wearing them to sleep in... on or with for the night .....

    Happy new year darlings and I promise I'll do a real post real soon...

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR, darling Princess!!!!

  20. Happy New Year, to you and your loved ones, Princess!!!

    Cheers and Best wishes for a wonderful New Year full of good fun, good feasts, and good experiences. May the New Year keep y'all healthy and hearty, and May y'all be surrounded by good fortune, good laughter, and may your garden blossom and bloom beautifully and bountifully and fill your days with joy.

  21. Sorry I'm late to read your great post. But wish you Merry Christmas mate!

  22. Come on Darling, you still can make it in January !

  23. Might you be making a special birthday appearance later this month, dear Princess?
    Or sooner. Sooner would be good.