Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crows and Poppies and "Ozians" and Jitterbugs and FFFFlying Monkeys!...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess is starting off down the yellow brick road and who knows where it might end???

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your well wishes and support and suggested management strategies from yesterdays post.

My heart swelled with joy and laughter when I came home and read your comments.

I thank you sincerely it just made what turned out to be a lovely and somewhat exciting day.... complete!

Despite my trepidation...Yesterdays luncheon went swimmingly...

No tears nor tantrums... With lots of good coffee and fresh foccacia's all around!

To my surprise...The head costumier remained in her box for the most part of the afternoon with just the occasional hackle raising comment... which Princess graciously let  glide by without acknowledgement or... which was picked up and challenged by the producer... which sort of left me with just the hint of a smile on my face...

The costumes for the major roles as... I suspected... have been clenched with both fists by the head costumier. (The majority of which are commercial costumes(*) purchased online prior to my involvement with "Alice" when the team had not seen what Princess could create!) and again, as I fully anticipated  the ones that are being made by the head costumier... are not up for further negotiation or offers of input or suggestions from anyone else thank you very much!
But I knew this from the beginning as I was told prior to "Alice" finishing that

"I" (Not Princess) will be doing Glinda, Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow*,Tin Man*, Wicked Witch* and  The Wizard (utilizing the Mad Hatters costume from Alice!)

Princess will... for the most part... be coordinating the styling for Munchkinland So... Conveniently... (I had anticipated this)
All the flower costumes that I made for "Alice" will be recycled with some extra embellishments to create the Munchkins. Which saves Princess a whole lot of work... The lolly pop guild will be wearing the lederhosen that I made for the "Sound of Mucus" and the Lullaby League will be dressed in ready made begged borrowed or stolen Tutu's and... as those cast will be trainee dancers able to work on  point... and should have or be able to acquire their own anyway!

For this production... I have been allocated the responsibility to create 

3 Crow suits...

Something like this perhaps?

25 poppy costumes...

Which need a little more of a work up!

A plethora of hats/ headpieces/ scarves and accessories for the inhabitants of the Emerald City

Ah... Just let me get my hands on these pretties...

20 Jitterbugs....

If any of you can send me a conclusive picture of what a f@#%ing jitterbug is... Princess would be most greatful...

I'm thinking recycled Butterfly costume pattern and dragonfly wings...
Stay tuned for further developments...


6 Flying Monkeys.... Easy! Darlings...

I know that it might seem like a lot of work.... but...
It was announced that there is money in the budget to pay me for my work this time around...
Not an enormously huge amount... but at least it is a start... and will help toward increased alcohol petrol consumption costs!

AND!... Wait for it!....

The other huge announcement that was made 
(and met with stunned silence from the head costumier) 


 Princess has been nominated to commence further training and study this year to become a "Qualified Assessor" For Certificate 4 in Textile and Costume Design.

This $3,ooo course will be subsidised by the youth theatre organization and government training body... Not costing me a cent!

On qualification an offer has been made that I take on the role of head of costume design and creative development with the youth theatre group.
 Which will be a paid position!

The exact role will be determined over the course of the next 12 months but will involve teaching design and costume construction.

I was quite flabbergasted!.... let me tell you Darlings...

The announcement was a total surprise!

I had no inkling that the offer was even on the table... so needless to say... 

I have grabbed the opportunity with Both Fists!  

I'd best be getting out the sketch pads... and finding my old school uniform...

But first... 

I think a little celebration is in order...

Don't you Darlings?

Looks like Princess is in for a busy year...

Bottoms up!


  1. Congrats Princess!!

    When it rains it pours. Good luck in this case.

    I can't wait to see the new costumes.


  2. Congrats on the gig!

    I am especially excited about the flying monkeys!

  3. Dear CoreyJo
    Thanks... I'm still a little daunted from the events of yesterday but am looking forward to the unfolding year with great anticipation...

    Dear Mr Lax
    I too am excited about the flying monkeys... I just don't know if there are any local laboratory monkeys needing rescue... I might have to look for a commercial pattern... NOT! ;-)

  4. Congrats darling, you talented little thing!!!!! It does sound like quite a year! Would you have time to design me a stunning peacock dress??? So you have all this to do, this training, and now celabrating, and still have time to bottom's up?!?

  5. oh, I do have a few monkeys you can borrow I have here, that will do anything for a few gins, very well trained.

  6. I foresaw all this in your rump reading, did I not?

    Congratulations, Princess!

  7. Hey! What about Toto???

    And a Champagne fountain! What a neat idea!

    Félicitations, my dear. It is always impressive to see how doors open effortlessly when we make a little effort not to give into other people's negative mindset! As my grandfather said: "Let them have the rope, they're gonna hang themselves with it"


    Oh! Hai everyone! *waves at the beautiful crowd*

  8. Congratulations, dear Princess!

  9. Hooray for the training and the upcoming paid gig. Suhweeeeeet, We are all in agreement, are we not, that the Flying Monkeys are obviously the best parts to have snagged? Fezzes and vests and NO PANTS. Right on. Much better than that tired ass scarecrow.

    I also foresee the poppies as brilliant red and frilly and fabulous.

  10. again, i have missed EVERYTHING! but i'm still in time to say


    how exciting for you and absolutely divine! xoxoxoxox