Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Update from the Palais...And Princess Becomes a Media Whore... Again Darlings!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

So far...  Since finishing Oz at the end of August... September has been a rather busy month...Already!

Princess has been in the papers.... Again!
(She is after all a media whore at heart)

With another write up about his volunteering and making costumes for the local youth theatre...

Anyone would think i was a pyromaniac with a title like that!

The feedback from the show has been fantastic!

A lady that owns a hat/clothing shop in one of the nearby towns wants to hire some of my hats for her Spring Racing  window display and wants me to come up with a price list for her customers that might be interested in purchasing bespoke hats for the race season. So that gives me a project to work on!

The production team are in the process of developing a professional  portfolio of my costume works that I can then present to potential employers!
I can't wait to see the out come or what it may lead to!

I have been approached by a friend of mine who is a professional Milliner who has been in contact with another local lady that is a clothing designer and also works part time for a Danish Theatre company and travels to Denmark regularly to work on costumes there. I don't know all the details but... She would like to introduce me to her at some stage in the very near future!
I'm calling her today to make a date to visit for an introduction...

I have the first planning meeting for the schools production "Annie" tomorrow afternoon and tho still a little weary and getting over "OZ" I am again looking forward to the challenge.

In other news...

Last week we finally got the Empress in to have another MRI ( we have only been waiting since March!) and this week (after much jumping up and down by myself over the phone and threats of a law suit for negligence when told that the soonest that the scans could be reviewed was the end of November!)  

Suddenly! Lo and behold... they had an available appointment for Monday morning! so we kept that appointment and a review with the Neurosurgeon for an update on the suspected deep brain tumour finally occurred.

Well the news was good! the tumour (If that is what it is "because we are not really sure what it is") remains minuscule in size and has not grown or changed in any way. The surgeon is loath to do any invasive investigations due to the tumours' position and the risks associated with biopsy/ surgery ie. paralysis or loss of motor control or stroke or all of the aforementioned, which is fair enough really and given that the Empress remains  asymptomatic is fine with us!

So... The plan is to have another scan and review in 9 months time. "Just to see how things are going"

The Empress remains on "pain patches" for the pain in her hip joint. We have another review in October for that to see if further surgery on the hip implant is needed. The "in joke" around here is that "the Empress has been a lot more easy to get along with since she's been on the heroin"
Fortunately the patches seem to be working and the pain is manageable at present... 

As you can see there is never a dull moment around here.

Today I'm off to source and cost ingredients for hats!.... And to re stock the Vodka supply...

So... till next we speak...

Bottoms up Darlings...


  1. Terrific news all around!

    Great photo and news write up! And we knew you before you hit the big time!

    Wishing continued good news for The Empress.

  2. wonderful news, sugar! as lx *hey, darlin* said, we all knew you when... and i have a designer gown drawing to prove it! xoxoxox and one for The Empress! xooxox

  3. WONDERFUL NEWS all around!!!!! And we share the same first name darling.........Are you finally breathing now that the show is under way? Cheers!


    Well done!!!

    And what a great article :)

    Blessings dear.


  5. Mr. Smith said this year’s production of The Wizard of Oz was his favourite and he couldn’t say no.

    You’re just a girl who can’t say no.

  6. Such great news, and a fabulous publicity photo of you!

    So happy the Empress finally got to see a doctor and the news was good!

  7. Melbourne's very own "Edith Head" in the making! Where next? Tatler? Cosmo? Jx

    PS Glad to hear the "heroin" is working for the Empress...

  8. I'm sorry it's been so long since I popped by.

    How wonderful it is to see your hard work being recognised and to see the opportunities that are coming your way! Oh, but I bet the head costumer must be eating a lot of humble pie!

    Fabulous news about the Empress' scans. And I agree with the consultant - don't try and fix it, if it's not doing anything nasty. Your mum's a druggie! Fnar. Hope her hip can be sorted soonest.

    Lots and lots and lots of love to you!!!!!