Monday, October 1, 2012

Competition Never Looked Good on Me.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Where has Princess been I hear you say...

Sunning herself on some exotic beach?

Has she taken up with the local exotic pet walkers club?

Holed up in some swanky villa perchance?...

Or... maybe she's been out on the hunt for beautiful bottoms to continue celebrating 

"The Year of the Arse"

Well as much as all if this might have been fun...

I've been slaving away in the kitchen...

Hoping for this....

Trying to avoid this...

But resulting in this...

All I can say is... Darling I tried...

But you can enter both the Mistress MJ and her groovy "Kitchen Queen" cooking competition by going here

And win yourself the most excellent of prizes in doing so...
I'm sure Ms Nations would love to add you to her menu

The competition is heating up and getting "fe-arse" in it's ferocity!

May the best Queen Be Crowned....


  1. Those look like piping hot buns to moi! Jx

  2. I have a feeling your Kangaroo Soufflé will be a sure winner!

  3. You should stick with something that doesn't require fire, like Tossing a Salad...

    I'll bet you're really good at that!

    (Sorry, must be all that arse...)

  4. Why don't you make a personalized apron for each Infomaniac bitch?

    *gets back at petting the arses next to the pool while the tigers sunbathe on the beach*


    1. That would be a FAB prize for those who can't make it to Sumas!

    2. thanks Huggy Jon and MJ... just what i need... More fucking aprons to make! I thought I had enough to do with clothing orphans for "Annie" without adding more to the list by clothing a kitchen full of queens as well.
      but i might be able to stretch to making one for the winner!

  5. when cookie's backed into a corner,
    she will whip out whatever it takes to win.

    you've been warned.

  6. How about doing something fresh and frisky with a couple of stiff peaks and a bowl of whisked cream?

  7. It's Monday morning here...I've only had half a cup of coffee.

    which I spat out reading the comments.

    You should put a warning on your blog...

    oh did.

  8. I was hoping you were on the Arse Hunt, and you did provide some wonderful specimens!

  9. Who thought that it requires big breasted women to handle white tigers?
    Nice arses by the way.

    See you in Sumas, darling!