Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ello Ello Ello... What ave we got here then?

Hello Daaarlings...

We have been experiencing some unprecedented weather phenomena here on the East coast... we have been praying madly for frineds and family in the path of the storm.... Fortunately they are all safe!
The northern sea coasts of Oz despite being inundated with record flooding and gale force winds from ex tropical cyclone/hurricaine Oswalsd from Rockhampton in mid north Queensland down to Sydney in New South Wales have not only tacken a beating but have also been struck by the rare phenomena of Sea Foam whipped up by the huge sells and gale force winds...

Here's what can result for the unsuspecting cop on the beat!  Watch the two in the fluro jacketswith the refective stripes...

And... What makes surf  life savers jobs  just that litte bit more interesting...

Sea Foam!

It does look a little like snow but it's about 30 degree C


  1. At first I thought it was snow.
    Weird wild stuff.

  2. Hi Bob... I guess it looks like snow but it is actually about 30 degrees celcius. Now the authorities are giving out warnigs that it may contain a combination toxic waste and sewerage... Yum!

  3. I've not seen anything like that. It sort of looks unclean.

  4. Aparrently its all oily and stinks MR Lax... I think i'd be wearing a Hazmat(R) suit to be going anywhere near it personally and especially keeping the kids away from the stuff...

  5. It reminds me of that filthy ring left in the tub by a certain swarthy oily skinned gentleman caller.

    We get occasional sea foam but I have never seen anything like that before. I wonder if temperatures or humidity and pressure levels have anything to do with it?

    Curious if anyone was able to sculpt anything lasting or recognizable with the stuff.

  6. My first instinct was to get naked & play in it.
    So sorry to find that it's all oogie....

  7. It's Mother Nature whipping up a meringue!

    Fires, floods, and now whipped up foam. If I had to guess, I'd say Mother Nature is turning Australia into a huge Pavlova!

  8. More proof Oz is like no other place on earth.

  9. It doesn't taste very nice either, I got a mouthful of the stuff whilst walking the prom in Blackpool. It been well documented that the cause of the foam is from those Indians washing their clothes at the bank of the Ganges.