Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like Eveyone Else.... I've Been a Busy Little Beaver...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I've been a tad preoccupied with Bustlines... Foundations... Shoulderstraps... Pleating and Hemlines of late...

No... not on the red carpet oscar bunfight.... but...
With 5 bridesmaid gowns...

Final Fittings are this week...I'll hope to have more photo's with people in them by the end of the week... The gowns look little rough just hanging on the doors... not showing them off to their best advantage...
just bear with me for a few more days...

I'm slowly starting to see the end of weeks/ months of endeavour...
and feeling quite good about the reslults...

The bride has also placed an order for 3 ties for the groomsmen to be made from the leftover green fabric... to match with the gowns of the 3 senior bridesmaids... And I've been invited to come along to the wedding to take a few photos on the day!

So I'd best be getting back to it...

In the meantime here's a little arse to keep you occupied whilst waiting....

Bottoms Up!


  1. There is nothing little about your beaver.

  2. Shouldn't that be Busy Little Platypus, mate?

  3. Plenty of bustle going on here, that's what I like to see.

  4. will those dresses be enough to cover that thing?

  5. Did you see the commentary Pete did for the Oscars?!

    Honey, start passing your card around to the A-listers for next year! On hangers, your dresses look 10x more fabulous than those 'designers'.


  6. Oh honey, I so need your talents! I can't wait to see them filled out! And talk about filling out, what an ass above being revealed!

  7. Those are the most beautiful bridesmaid's dresses, ever. They're usually so hideous as to be frightening. Lucky the bride that gets to stand with anything so stylish.

  8. I knew you had a busy beaver but I had no idea it was able to multi task.

  9. You've been invited to tag along to the wedding just to take photos and not as a guest? I'd tell her where to get off!

    Are they going to have bustles? It was something Scarlet said.

    They look wonderful Princess the goldie ones especially not keen on the lilac, reminds me of coffin lining material.

  10. I believe these blokes can crack nuts with their arses.