Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is it August Already?.... When did we go through July?

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Where did that month go to?

"Annie" is done and dusted and the costumes are almost all laundered and packed away ready for storage... It hasn't helped in the fact that it has been raining practically every day since the show finished and the days have been cold which makes drying things a bit of a challenge... There are wet and semi dried costumes hanging everywhere on temporary lines strung up under the veranda at the moment in the hope that they will at least shed some moisture before being stored. There has been very little wind to assist... So there they hang until we eventually get a warm and sunny day...

"Annie" I'm afraid in this case... is a big fat liar!

The show turned out to be absolutely Spectacular!
It was so good that we even had people in the business asking if we had hired the lead actors from a professional company in Melbourne!!!...

They were shocked to learn that the cast are just very talented local highschool teenagers...
Not only that but the sets, backstage, makeup, orchestra, sound and lighting and costumes are all done by voulunteers...

All five performances were practically sold out... with only two or three seats not filled each night...

I'm planning on taking a short break before starting on the End of Year production of Beauty and the Beast in December.

Again most of the costumes are done for this show as the youth theatre company performed it 5 years ago. Sadly the the size of the cast and the sizes of the kids performing have grown so there may well be more costumes to make than the head costumier is anticipating. Tho at this stage I have only been asked to create 4 new costumes for four new characters. These being...

An Egg Whisk!... (That sounds simple enough)

A Corkscrew!... (I'm thinking of recycling the Tin Man's costume from Oz)


 A pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers...

Easy Right?

Well I guess I wouldn't be happy if it were not a challenge...

In other news... It seem the farmer and his performing Ducks are taking off.
I've completed five outfits with more on order... I dont have photos of the ducks wearing them as yet but as soon as I do you wil see them here darlings...

I'm also due to start doing some piece work filling and sewing "Glamour" wheat heat packs... But more on that when the product is launched.

The Empress remains fit and healthy tho both of us are feeling tired from burning the candle at both ends... Not only have we both been involved with "Annie" but in recent weeks a close family friend has undergone surgery for pancreatic tumours and has now started chemotherapy. In the middle of her recovery from the surgery her landlord gave her and her daughter notice to move out. So we have been very busy helping to locate new accommodation, arranging for a team to help her move and then cleaning up the old place once we had her settled in the new one...

I feel like I've been as busy as a one legged man in a arse kicking competition darlings!

Speaking of Arse...

Here are some lovely ones to tide you over should I ever get the time post again...

Bottoms Up!... Darlings....


  1. Hot Arse in August.
    Always welcome!

  2. Blimey, you have been very busy!
    I look forward to seeing the Glamour packs and I hope your friend is settled soon.
    P.S Thank you for the arse, as always.

    1. Busy seems to visit a lot around here of late Ms Quotes and I might say at the drop of a hat! I have my day all planned out and then something else pops up quite unexpectedly that must be attended to. I does keep me on my toes...

  3. I think half of July got stuffed down the back of the sofa and forgotten about.

    I'm glad you're going to take a break now. After all that hard work, you deserve it!

    Thanks for the August Arse. As I can't decide between Arse 1 & Arse 2 I'm going to have both!

    1. You are quite right Mr DeVice... I checked down the back of my sofa and sure enough... There was half of July! Looking quite worried but still able to shout "Surprise" when i eventualy did spot it... Apparently... I was meant to be playing hide and seek with it! It had been there since about the 18th... I really should start reading those memo's...

      I think it must be "The Breaks" turn as it seems to be in hiding now...

  4. Salt'Pepper, ducklings and wheat packs ... ah yes ... I am looking for the pictures, dear Princess!
    Hope your friends will soon move without further fuss.
    I think the head customiere is a bit too optimistic, young humans develop within five years a lot.
    But most important is that the empress and You do sound optimistic and healthy!

    1. All the new projects are starting to happen soon Mr Mags... Photos will follow.
      Our friends are moved and settled into their new rental property. It all happened so quickly over the course of about 3 weeks from getting notice to move out... to being settled in the new house. We managed to organise to move all their belongings over 2 days. It was great to have the help of a team of volunteers from the church to help with all the heavy lifting....

      The emprees and i are both worn out but still carying on despite feeling just a little tired...

  5. Time is flying here as well. July was just one long episode over the stove, canning tomatoes & putting up jellies and jams. I have about two more weeks to go till small break before wine making time....

    Thanks for the ass, they look fresh!

    1. Wallace Darling... You seem to have been cooking up a storm!
      Over summer I did some canning of cherry tomatoes fom the garden. They are great in a pasta sauce! We also managed to get a reasonable crop of Apricots (despite the horrible dry hot summer) which i turned into jam. Not much else grew very well. My friends witrhthe orchard had most of their fruit shrivel and dry out on the tree due to the heat and lack of rains.

      Making wine sounds like a lot of fun but hard work... It is something that I have never attempted...

  6. Bloody hell Princess!

    I'm exhausted just reading that!

    Well done with Annie. It's good to hear the young actors are living up to the awesomeness of your fabulous costumes.

    You definitely deserve a break. And so sorry to hear about your friend's awful time of it - she's lucky to have you and the Empress close by looking out for her.

    You is good people darling.


    1. Thanks Rosemarie... Our friends treatment is going quite well all things considered. The oncologist was very pleased with her progress on last review.
      I'm still getting fantastic feedback from annie, from people that didn't see the show but have been told by friends of just how professionally good it was as an overall production and the incredible talent of the kids in the show...
      If word keeps getting about like this i think we may need a bigger venue for next years show...

  7. Stick a palm front between the arse cheeks of any of these fine specimens and have them fan you to keep you cool.

  8. Hi MJ! Is it palm Sunday already?
    Actually... I could do with a little warming up at the moment... The weather has been cold and wet for weeks! It looks as if we are getting a real winter for a change... I'm looking forward to Spring arriving....

  9. Being evicted is no party. Mom and I have been through this in 2006 but in the end, it was all good. We're much better at our actual location than the old one.


    1. Hello there Huggy Jon,
      Sorry that I've not responded sooner... I'm glad that you and your Mum are well settled. I guess it is part of the risk of renting... Sometimes the stress that a sudden notice to move can be overwhelming... as was the case with my friend and her daughter but on reflection things often look much brighter, they are both much happier with the move and love the house that they have found... It even has it's own little garden...

  10. sweet mary sunshine, sugar1 y'all have been MORE than just busy! glad a bit of a rest is coming y'alls way now. cheers to your friend. i wish her and her family well. our BFF was diagnosed 16 months ago with pancreatic cancer and is still beating the odds! xoxoxoxox

    p.s.drop by when you can, sweet pea, i'm back blogging again! ;)

    1. Hello there Savvy Darling...
      Things are just a tad busy about the Palais at present... But you gathered that already! Nice to see you back blogging... Sadly i'm having a little trouble finding the time to post new stuff... You know how it gets sometimes...
      I'll pop over soon for a visit!

  11. After all that hard work, you deserve to put your feet up on a pouf and relax for a bit.