Friday, November 22, 2013

Something From The Garden....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Here are a few snaps of Blooms from my garden after it's recent cleanup and makeover...

The roses have been a picture this year in comparison to others past...
But... I'm having a terrible time trying to get snaps of them for you...

Each time I head out with camera in hand to snap some shots... I pass the Empress coming back with her arms full of roses... So sadly.... there is not much to show you...
I think I might have to start hanging bells from the rosebushes that are about to bloom... just to alert me to the Empress's presence clutching her trusty seceteurs... 

I think old wheelbarrrows make for wonderful garden planters...

Climbing geraniums always put on a great display... Although the white one here has become quite dominanant... It used to be quite happy to share this old stump with a lovely soft mauve climbing geranium but i notice that  since the drought the mauve plant seems to have been relegated to the other side of the stump with less full sun and more shade. There is only one little mauve bloom... right at the bottom of the picture. The bicolour pink and white is happy to do it's own thing to the left of the picture.

Spring has certainly popped some colour into the garden...
I just can't wait for the Cosmos, Aquilegia and Asters... planted recently...
 to burst into bloom... They should put on a wonderful display all going well...

No doubt I'll attemt to show you the results... That is... If I can beat the Empress to them before she get's there with her clippers...



  1. Pretty colors.
    On our side of the globe the colors are more orange and red and yellow as Fall has arrived.

  2. Such bounty!

    Your hard work has definitely brightened my day. I imagine a genteel Princess attending her garden wearing a floppy bonnet and brightly colored duster coat!

  3. Grow more climbing roses. Empresses avoid climbing...

    It looks lovely as always - good to have a taste of summer just as we're watching our garden slowly turning to frost-bitten sludge.


    PS Do aquilegias, cosmos and asters all flower together where you are? In the UK, the aquilegias flower in late spring and the cosmos in autumn.

  4. Excellent gardening skills Princess! Thank you for sharing.

    My grandparents used to put their used coffee grounds in their red rose beds. Made them a most unique deep maroon color.

  5. What a nice garden Princess! I love the wheelbarrow with the pansies. It's an excellent and very creative idea. Enjoy the spring, over here it's cold as hell!

  6. Lovely, I just finished putting up the last of the seeds for next spring, zinnias, marigolds cosmos & such. I have thousands that I will cast everywhere I go (fairy dust you know),
    keep up the good work, the best is yet to come..!

  7. Do the roses smell as gorgeous as they look?

  8. P.S I was wondering if MJ would come back for the FGES comp?

    1. I'll be back before then, Miss Scarlet.

  9. Superbe! I wish I could have a little walk in your garden, my dear, and revel in the wonderful fragrance.

    Here we are stuck in icy snow! YAaaayprrrrrrrrrrr!