Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where Has Princess Been For So Long??? Oh! You hadn't noticed...

Hello Dhaaarlings!

Where have you been Princess? I hear you say...
Well darlings to put you all out of your "worried about Prinny" minds...
Quite frankly... I've been sitting here in front of a very blank computer screen.
One minute I'm Zooming about the webisphere busily researching pornsites, er, costumes and the next minute *phuzut* and i'm left with a blank screen and a computer that just wont re boot... No matter what I try. Not even a lovely big sledge hammer could persuade it to work!

So instead I set to work on costumes for 
"The Music Man" 

We had 76 kids turn up for auditions... I nearly collapsed on the floor when I was told how many there were.
In the end we had a few drop out so ended up with a cast of 68.
Once again the head costumier did her usual "I'm only doing the leads" and
I again ended up doing the bulk of the design and construction of the costumes with 2 ensemble casts and the male leads.
The difference for me this year, was that rather than getting myself all upset over her lack of support and interference by not following through on what is initially agreed to be part of her brief and then changing things on her own back without letting me or the director know... I just stepped back and got on with my own work and left it to the director to sort her out when costumes were not ready, or hadn't even been fitted to the performers a week before dress rehearsal!

Lets just say that "the proverbial" hit the fan and the director finally got to see her in full flight,
The costumes that she did manage to complete looked good but We all could have done without all the palarva  that went on in getting there...

Subsequently the Head costumier has decided to take a break for a year.  

As for me... I just got on with the task and the head costumier kept a very low profile for the remainder of the lead up to the show... Consequently I discovered that, unlike other years with the head costumier running the show... this year (as a result of the above) I had about half a dozen Mums put their hand up to help me out with costumes... Which made the task all the more easier for me with willing helpers that appreciated being treated as part of a team and not just some lacky to be given some menial task to do.

The show went off swimmingly
Each kid in the show had a minimum of 2 costumes,
I ended up making about 80 hats
I lost count of the numbers of gloves, belts, ties, bow-ties and cravats that were sourced or made
And I really felt appreciated by the group of Mum's that were so willing to help out and so generous with their skills and especially their time.

I'll post some pics from the show as soon as I work out how to drive this new contraption!

In other news the Empress is now in fine fettle since her blood pressure is back under control. Not having had a "Funny Turn" for months now. We continue on the merry go round of doctors appointments and clinic visits but the news is all good these days....

I'm now in full swing with costumes for the school end of year production.
This year we are doing...

The little Mermaid.


It's Moi Darlings!

Lets just hope I don't stuff it up....

Bottoms Up!


  1. So nice to have you back, I'm sure that you'll become the master of your new computer as you are of your master basting...

    1. Wallingford, darling... just let me tell you that I'm mastering the bating better than I am this new contraption...

  2. Welcome back, the people's princess!

    1. Never say Di, Mitzi darling
      I love what you've done with your hair... Or did you come to grief in the beetroot aisle at Waitrose?

  3. I've missed you.
    I missed the frocks and the gardens and the arses.
    Welcome back!!

    1. Hello Bob
      I believe that congratulations are in order to you and Carlos for your coming nuptials. It certainly has been a long struggle... but worth the wait I think..

    2. Thanks Princess!
      Yes, we were married [FINALLY] on October 17th, our 14th anniversary.
      Indeed a long time coming!

  4. Princess! YAY!

    Well done on the costuming. Looking forward to the pix.

    New computer? What did you get?

    1. G'day Mr Lax
      Its a reconditioned dell running windows 8 It is very difficult to adjust to all the new ways of doing things. I was far more familiar with the old XP until it went kaput
      I can't even work out how to connect to my old email server, but i can still access gmail...

  5. Now that you are head costume designer you will need minions, lackeys, servants and assistants to do that pesky sewing&stuff ...

    1. Far from it Mr Mags,
      I really plan to work as a team with the other volunteers, I don't want them to become disheartened before we have even begun.

  6. start collecting those glittery fish scales!

    1. I have already Norma.... Sadly the local cats have got wind of what i'm up to....

  7. Hooray! You're alive!

    Not that I thought you weren't, of course. After all, I couldn't see you across the veil during the times I've had a quick peek. This is quite good timing actually, as you were in danger of getting relegated from Flying Monkey to The Living Dead (where you'd have no chance replacing some rather slack Coven members).

    So lovely to have you back!

    1. Thank you Mr DeVice,
      I was getting a little concerned that my membership might lapse during my long absence, or that some might be concerned that I'd suddenly crossed over. fortunately it was only the interweb contraption that did so...
      It is lovely to hear from everyone again, I feel like I haven't been away at all...

  8. Well well well! It is sooooo nice to see you again Prinny! Although I don't buy the story you wrote. You were either in a sex slave ring, or film the Real Housewives of Melbourne. Love and losses darling!!!!!!

    1. Maddie Darling,
      There is no need to buy the story as it is free to read right here above us.
      As for your explanations for my absence... As appealing as they might be, sadly, I partook of neither. Really I'm quite boring...

  9. Love and kisses I meant. damn gin............

    1. How does that old tune go... If you have never ever loved and lost... You've never really loved at all...

      I'll take kisses over losses any day darling...

  10. you're back!!!! *happy dancing* mega congrats on the show and the new show and the new computer and best of all, a very happy (and healthy) Empress! xoxoxo for you both, sweetpea!

    1. Thanks Savvy darling,
      It's so nice to be able to see everyone again...
      XOXOXOX right back atcha...

  11. Hello, my lovely!!
    So pleased that everything is okay and that you are going to be the head costumer!
    Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!

    1. Thanks Miss Scarlet
      It is a little daunting though... but once again i'm girding myself for the challenge...

  12. OH my goodness Princess!!!

    Mazel Tov !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So happy to have you back and that all is fine at the palais.


  14. I knew it! I felt all along you were busy in a world of sewing and creativity. Happy to have you check in with the progress of your absence. Looking forward to the pictures. Now get back to work!

  15. That's fabulous news darling. And it's so good to see you back here!

    Lots of love darling!