Monday, November 3, 2014

A Little Something from the Garden...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Just a few pictures to show off some of the latest blooms from my garden...

It's a "Blue Moon" (Climbing Rose) rising over the Lamp Post...

A lovely pale mauve "Flag" Iris

It is the first I've seen a Flag Iris with 4+ blooms out all at once...

My favourite old "Black Boy" Climbing Rose. 

The Iris bed re-planted earlier in the year has grown and some of the plants have even started to bloom... something I hadn't expected them to do this year...

Many of them are the same colours but I can't remember which ones are which so they will be a continuous supply of delight and surprise as they come to bloom... I'm hoping that I haven't lost the "Chocolate Brown" and "Bright Yellow" ones in the move...

I don't recall if  mentioned to you that I had planned to start a  "Native Walk"

Well at the moment it is more like a Native "Stand and Look"
But at least the concept is starting to take shape. The huge "stringy bark" Gum tree down the back of the yard drops an enormous amount of leaf litter and long tracts of bark creating a lot of waste that now coats a small fortune to take to the local tip.  

Gravillia 1

So now, the litter from the tree, is broken up into small pieces and strewn over the existing ground to mulch down... Then planted out with a Native Gravillia or two... An existing wattle and some Calistemons...

Gravillia 2

The pink Callistamon was planted by a niece when she was about 4 yo
She is now 12 yo

There is more to show from the garden.... But you will have to wait for another instalment darlings...
 As for now, I need to get on with putting the finishing 
Bibs and Bobs on a Flounder and constructing a Flotsam and Jetsam if you don't mind... And then I can get on with building a sea Turtle, Some Sea Gulls... Including a "Scuttle"! A Sea Horse, Famingo and finally King Triton's Mersuit to go with the jelly fish and an array of fish already completed....

And yes.... there will be photos

Bottoms Up Darlings...


  1. Darling! As ever, just as the UK is under a blanket of damp leaves and the light is diminishing by the day, it is a delight to see a sunny, blooming garden. That has cheered my Monday up immensely! Jx

  2. Wot Jon said!!
    Thank you, Princess, for reminding us of summer.

  3. We're in a cold snap so your pictures are most welcome!

  4. Irises are among my favorite flower! What a beautiful you have time between houseboys and costuming......

  5. I look out of the window and see greyish mist that slowly but steadily takes the edge from the vibrant fall colours. It got cold over night, rain falls lightly, and I want to lay down in my bathtub and not leave it for the next few months ... What Jon saied on Monday is still true on this Wednesday !

  6. Flood warning tonight, all it ever does here is piss down with rain. Oh to be in Princess's garden in the land of Oz, squatting amongst the iris, having the hot sun beam down on my knackered old flanges.

    1. Why are you squatting in Princess's flower bed, Mitzi?