Friday, July 31, 2015

The Paint's Finally Dry...

Hello Dhaaarlings...


 The paint has finally dried and the Empresses wing is almost back to normal.
Furniture replaced in position and curtains re hung.

Sadly the place is once again devoid of workmen without a hint of sweaty men anywhere...

The lounge is complete... and looking clean and fresh...

The ceiling and plasterwork look a treat...

The new cornice now matches the pattern in the centre of the ceiling...

And the hallway looks like new...

The laundry and bathroom now have new basins, sinks and tap wear, the floor has been re-covered with a hard wearing vinyl laid over the old and very cracked tiling.
The "Slurry" that they applied to the tiles to level them out before laying the vinyl took longer to dry given the very cold weather... so a 1 day job turned into a 2 dayer which didn't really effect us as we have another separate laundry/shower and loo room down in the "mancave" so named by 5 yo nephew.

Now that the work is done and re dusted (Plaster dust is bitch) I'm all ready for a holiday...

Stay tuned for an update on the "Pirates of Penzance" extravaganza darlings... it was a real hoot!...

Till then... Bottoms Up!


  1. Oh my goodness!
    How beautiful that door is... And ceiling!
    It looks wonderful!

  2. That all looks beautiful lovey!

  3. Love it. Love the color, and the plaster work is incredible!

  4. It all looks very nice! The plaster details and stained glass are especially stunning. Well done!

  5. Oh, Princess, it looks like new. The Empress must be over the moon! I love those peacock feathers - a lovely touch.

  6. Fabulous to see the finished pictures, to see all the hard work and inconvenience pay off.

    Love your castle darling.

    Come visit the wilds of Suffolk darling. We could drink Pimms on the lawn.

  7. It all looks beguiling dear beguiling. The fringed lampshade in the hallway, how can anyone resist from putting that on their head.

  8. I want my house done!! Oh dear. I so want a new bathroom and kitchen...
    I bet you're happy now it's done :-)

  9. That's very nice. Dreamy room! :)