Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rehearsals are over and I'm over Oklahoma.... OK!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

It's the night before opening night and I am just exhausted Darlings... 
Final Dress rehearsal went of without too much Drama...
as opposed to the tech rehearsal on monday night... That was a bummer all around... but I won't dish the dirt here...

We had the Arts editor From the local paper at last night's rehearsal and here's his review...

We have almost sold out for opening night performance... which is a first...
And tickets are becoming scarce to the point where I had a phonecall from the box office just this morning asking what i wished to do with the tickets that i have reserved for friday nights performance and did I still want them?
The tickets in question just happened to be the 2 gift tickets that the Empress and i get for our volunteering througout the productuion year!
Needless to say I still have seats for friday night's performance...

Here are some more pics of the show in rehearsals

Curly's imaginary surrey

Will Parker back from Kansas City

"I'm just a girl who cant't say no" Ado Annie tells Laurey...

More from Kansas City...

More pics to follow folks so stay tuned

PS. If you would like to purchase an E-program go "HERE"

And follow the links, you can also see the Flash mob  footage...
(Sorry darlings... no costumes)

Chookas Darlings!


  1. Another excellent production! Congrats to all!

    PS: I didn't find the flash mob video.

    1. Hi Mr Lax,
      Try going to the website when it opens try clicking on
      "About Us" which will open on another page. when it loads there is a slide show of various information, one of them comes up as flash mob showing a group of kids standing in a shopping centre. Click the pic and it should take you to "youtube"
      hope this helps...
      I'll just go back to button sewing now if that's OK!

    2. What a nice piece! Talented kids. Thanks mate.

      Is that the shopping mall across the way from the train station?

    3. Yes! The Market Place! The other is a little way out of the city but they do the same at both then splice the two takes to form one video
      Opening night Sold out!

    4. Ahh... The flash mob gave me such a feeling of joy for those kids! Wonderful!

      And Bravo Princess!

    5. Thank you Mr DeVice, the kids were fantastic in rehearsals and by the time we got to performance they looked and sounded spectacular...

  2. Prinny, my dear! I have missed you so much! How you do this, I have no idea. But it all looks so great! They all look amazing. I would be good at taking the boys inseams and that'd be it my afraid. Now rest up and hope to see you soon dear.

    1. Maddie Darling... I've been missing being around too...
      4 shows to go and I'm done!

  3. Awesome!!! What fantastic, amazing, spectacular work you & your crew have done! The costumes look fabulous & stunning! Gorgeous work!

    The review sounds splendid & exciting. I wish that I could be there to witness the wondrous production! Congratulations to y'all & Break a leg!!!

    1. Thanks Mr Swings,
      It has all come together nicely and it's the first time we have staged a show in a real theatre... With comfortable seating for the audience...
      The cast is singing 7 part harmonies which is no mean feat in anyones books and they sound absolutely fantastic... The ballet is terriffic and it's the first time the we have had actual ballet dancers showcased in a show...

  4. AND ?! HOw was it then ? WHat do the critics say ?

    1. Dear Mr Maggs, The show has been wonderful and tickets have sold out both opening night and last night... there are still maybe 10 tickets for the matinee on saturday afternoon and tonights finale is sold out as well!
      Try clicking on This Link to read the critics review.

    2. "The set is also cleverly constructed with very authentic looking pieces and props combining with costumes consisting of flowing skirts and dresses as well as chaps and hats for the lads.
      It all makes for a very well set scene.

      Mr Peddler is full of praise for the whole production, the young talents, and the whole set including the costumes.
      Yes, I think this can be called success. This could lead further, perhaps, maybe, eventually ...

      You done very well Princess !

    3. Yes Mr Maggs the whole show has been a wonderful success this year. There have been wonderful comments and feedback from all sorts of people including theatre management and staff, local politicians and dignitories and the press. It has realy raised the whole profile of NEXUS and what we do and how we care for kids and their families in the community. This year we had the most involvement from parents with workingbees and bumping into and out of venues... at times we were scratching out heads for ideas on work that needed to be done as there were so many willing helpers... But it also meant thete the work was shared and things got finished much quicker... It has been terriffic to work with such a great group of people...

  5. I hope you are now having a well deserved rest! And onto the next production!!

  6. Hope all is well.