Thursday, September 29, 2016

Meet the Boys....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I thought you all might like to...
 Meet the Boys...

"Spot" on the left and "Star" on the right

All settled in for a day on the couch in front of the heater... with a blanket each... but... they tend to end up sharing the same one anyway...

They have separate food and waterbowls but these also become shared items without any arguments or fights... they just wander over to each others bowl halfway through eating and finish off each others portion.
Once thay have had "Enough" from their own bowl they will stand and wait patiently for the other to have their fill before changing places and finishing off each others meal. Very nice manners.

"Spot" is the permanent resident and "Star" is a current house guest whilst his owner recovers from illness... Although you wouldn't know it from the way he's settled in... But he does come for "sleep overs" fairly regularly...

The way they behave you would think that they had been raised together from puppies despite the 3 year age difference... and when "Star" goes home... His owner brings him back for "play dates" because they start to miss each other...

I'm being stared at intensely because "Both our bowls are empty and you havent immediately re-filled them you know... Hop to it Princess!"

It's a dogs life!


  1. Princess, they're adorable! Look at their little faces! And manners, to boot? The perfect houseguests.
    Anyway, don't let me keep you. You've obviously got chores to do for your masters!

  2. Totally adorable, with a little bit of mischief behind those eyes.
    Just how I like my boys!

  3. How wonderful! I imagine they would be a lot of fun going out on walkies too.

  4. Thank you for sharing this awesome foto of two great friends! They look very cozy & cute just hanging out. A courteous, well mannered, & thoughtful house guest is always welcomed! It's pretty amazing to see genuine friendship, even among other species.

  5. I would swear they were raised together. Dogs most definitely complete a home.