Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Backyard Bloomers.... and other challenging delights...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The first "Peace" rose of Spring.

Princess here...  remember me?
 Last seen being chased (along with the Empress) by a humungous storm?

 Well... I can finally put my feet up for a little while and have a spell of some long awaited rest and recovery time.
The debutant ball for my niece went off very well although the remake and finishing of the frock took longer than anticipated... given that the whole front of the bodice was pearl seed beads and apliqued lace... Which all had to be removed and then re sewn by hand!... Very very time consuming ... but then I knew it would be...

We had a lovely night at the ball... but then it was straight back home the next day and on to the next urgent project "The Wedding Dress".

Fitting... reworking patterns and re fitting seemed to be the order of the project.
All very time consuming and demanding.
The bride was delighted with the outcome as were her family which is the main thing. Along with alterations to the grooms suit. 
I continued to sruggle on while fighting another dreaded lurgy.
The project was finally finished just in the nick of time with the gown being delivered at midnight the night before the wedding day!

So needless to say I now have some time to get back to health and recover.

I'm still waiting for a response from the theatre company and the longer it is taking the more focused I've become on not being available for next years production... 6 years of costuming has been a wondefully creative experience for me and I have loved every minute of working with the extremely tallented groups of teenagers over that time... but I cannot keep burning myself out in the process.. It has taken its toll on my health and I think that is what I need to be concentrating on for at least a little while.

So in celebration... a long awaited Spring has finally arrived and here are some lovely backyard bloomers for your enjoyment!

Double Delight with Mauve Flag Iris

Pale Lemon and Mauve Flag Iris

Purple and White Flag Iris

Self sewn Violas 

More Self sewn Violas

Daisy bush... Don't know it's proper name

 It has been a long awaited Spring... and still we have 2 days of warmth followed by a cold snap that makes me feel like we are back to winter.
We had Snow in the hills at the end of October which is almost unheard of!

Anyway Darlings... The Empress has just informed me that the bucket of scraps is full and needs to be emptied into the worm farm... So I must away...

Life goes on as usual...

Bottoms up Darlings...


  1. Amazing dresses and flowers! The debutant dress could feature in a period drama - Well done, Princess!

    I wish it was Spring here. Your roses and irises are beautiful, as always. And it's always a delight to find little violas spreading around the garden!

    1. P.S. Revel in your downtime - You definitely deserve it.

    2. The Deb Dress had all the Mums and Grand Mums ooing and aahing with excitement at it being vintage...
      The violas are self sewn in 2 0ld wheel barrows that i use as planter boxes in the back yard. They were about to be tipped out and new soil added for re planting until i suddenly noticed the hundreds of new little plants popping their heads through the old soil!
      As for down time I'm making the most of it!

  2. Gorgeous bloomers, dear! Here in the UK, we're bracing ourselves for the whole garden to die as Scandinavian weather heads our way (although, despite the cold, there's still loads of colour so we keep our fingers crossed!)... Jx

    1. This year it has been such a long wait for blooms with an an unseasonable and extended cold winter. Which does very little for my gloomy moods over winter at the best of times... let's hope your colour remains for s long as possible Jon

  3. It is always a very special treat to see Princess' bloomers!

    Lovely stitch-work, as always!

    Take care.

    1. Thank you Mr Lax... though i doubt you'd be saying the same about my "Real" bloomers.
      It is nice to finish the stitch-work for others... Who knows... I may even have time now to stitch a little something for me for a change....

  4. What I wouldn't do for a,whiff of lilac right now. Do you ever relax dear?

    1. Relax? I'm more prone to relapse. but I will try to slow down a little tho... Starting with a nice big G&T... Did I mention being prone to relapse?

  5. We have had a superb and colourful autumn in the south west, and it's lovely to see your Spring bloomers and looking forward to your Summer cheering us up over here when we are in the midst of gloomy winter.
    Take care, m'dear, and put your feet up after all your wonderful needlework.

    1. Thank you Miss Scarlet, I'm looking forward to just chilling and doing things for me for a little while... I don't regard it as being selfish but more like self preservation...

  6. Your niece looks very regal, I'd feel like Daisy the scullery maid from Downton Abbey if I was stood next to her. We need you over here ASAP to fly the flag of finesse. I believe those plants are called Osteospermums, lovely purple headed lilac.

    1. I do love Daisy and she scrubbed up alright for the big wedding at the end...
      Regarding the daisy bush i believe you are right. I rifled around under it and found the original tag from when it wasn't much more than a seedling and sure enough
      "Osteospurmum" was staring right back at me...

    2. Trust Mitzi to sneak in a mention of "sperm". Jx

    3. A real donor.

  7. What gorgeous & magnificent gowns you've created! The debutant gown is stunning & chic! The look of joy on your niece's face says it all: Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

    And the bride looks so happy & beautiful in her spectacular gown! You do amazing & astonishing works of art! You make people happy, you make dreams come true!

    Your flowers are so vibrant & sensational! What marvelous colors & scintillating shapes! What a dazzling & delightful garden!

    Enjoy your rest! You've earned a long & relaxing break. You've done more than enough to make the youth theater a success. Now, it's time for you to spread your wings & soar into the next level. There are other projects that could use your amazing talent. But perhaps the most important of all is that you use those talents for yourself! Maybe it's time to start your own design house! Why not? You've got the skills, creativity, & the passion to do what you love! And it shows in all that you do.

    But take very good care of yourself. Get well soon, have some chicken soup, & do what makes you feel happy! Best wishes & Good health to you & the Empress!

    1. Dear Mr Swings you always brighten my day with your positive and joyous comments... I'm getting a little Long in the tooth for opening my own design house but i would enjoy continuing to help making clothing for the bigger Gal/Guy... Speaking of bigger guys... I am one... and will now endeavour to start on some clothing for myself that fits comfortably and doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a sack if potatoes off the rack!
      My health is improving remarkably now that
      spring has finally arrived...

  8. What a beautiful sight on such a dreary day. I'm so grateful to your post right now. I needed to be reminded of beauty.

    OMG, you've managed six years of costuming without a break or going nuts? I'm not surprised you're finding it a bit much right now.

    Your niece looks brilliant in that frock and the bride looks lovely. You're so talented. Love to you and The Empress.

    1. Hi Rose, Nice to see you Darling... Even on dreary days a little roam in nature is grounding and helps me to get back in touch with what really matters... My health, Family and Helping those around me with less that are in need... Sometimes we all need to just stop and count our blessings...

  9. Your bloomers are much appreciated, today especially so.

  10. Much better to wake up to than news of America being Trumped by a Donald... My Goodness!... and I aint talking of the Duck variety...