Friday, December 9, 2016

What! Take a Photo of Me?

Hello Dhaaarlings...

My recent adventure to the Melbourne Zoological Gardens was just delightful.

Everything was over priced particularly food and drinks as can be expected these days... I hadn't been to the zoo in over 25 years and was astounded by how much has changed... for the better i might add... from an animal welfare perspective. The enclosures are larger for the animals and a lot more natural with large areas of grass, soil and plantings of vegetation and waterways... but mor of that later...

For this post... I've decided to share with you some of the "more obscure" and "less famous" critters in captivity...

So here we go darlings...

As you can see... I tended to focus on little critters... 

More frogs...

A groovy green lizard...

A stealthy Chameleon... I assumed he was was alive... he didn't move his body at all... but I did see his eye madly wiggling about...

An upside down Sea Horse...

A schoal of Whiting and other salt water dwellers...

Two sad looking "Fairy" Penguins... Oops... I'm not mean't to call them "Fairy" Penguins any more... Apparently the homosexuals amongst them took offence and now wish to be known as "Little" Penguins.... 
Had I been a homosexual penguin looking for a "Less offensive" name... I think I would have gone with  "Cheerful" "Flamboyant" or even "Well Hung"  Penguin... Certainly not "Little"

An endangered "Corroboree" frog

Some Iguana

Some sort of Python... Lets call him "Monty"...

And an adveturous dare devil tortoise...

And an even bigger daredevil... what a show off!...

A snake... But I didn't hang about to catch it's name...

Another lizard of some sort...

Looking quite regal perched upon his royal log... 

The tortoise race seemed to take forever...

A cute little bulldozer... or rather a Wombat

Another lizard...

And finally... a festering Baboon's arse...

So there you have it... Many of the little known attractions at the Melbourne Zoological Gardens...

Next time I might show you some of the bigger creatures that I also managed to snap on my adventure... Just for your entertainment darlings...


  1. I must be over-tired this morning because it took me a minute to get this:

    "Some sort of Python... Lets call him "Monty"..."

    ... and when I finally did, coffee came out my nose.

    Love the pictures, even the Fairy Penguins who, I've heard, are Well-Hung.

    1. Sorry about your caffinated nostrils Bob, but I'm glad you finaloly did... I've done the same thing myself on occasion. One soon learns not to drink whilst reading at the keyboard...

  2. As I understand it, there may be a movement afoot to rename them something less heightist, such as "Vertically-Challenged Penguins."

    PS: Wonderful field trip. Thank you.

    1. I'm surprised that the Pigmy hippopotamus is still allowed to be referred to as "Pigmy" and hasn't been changed to "lesser" or "miniature"... Just as well they have thick skin...

  3. I loved the Melbourne Zoo. Thanks for the wonderful reminders Princess.

    1. You are very welcome Damien, stay tuned for another post with all the usual suspects...

  4. Good grief! What's up with that baboon?
    Apart from that, what a lovely outing.

    1. The Baboon in question came off second best in an attempted power coup with the matriach of the collective... Tose baboons fight fierce

  5. Ooh! The zoo! I'm a see-saw of emotions when it comes to zoos - I love seeing the exotic animals (well, anything that I wouldn't normally find in the back garden, anyway) and learning about them and their habitats, but also feel bad that they're not in the wild. I console myself with the facts that most of the animals live nice (if not natural) lives, and are acting as ambassadors for their respective species - promoting wonder amongst us silly humans, and encouraging us to take more notice and care of the environments around us.

    Those are some fab photos, Princess. Although the tree frogs look like plastic toys. Did you see them move?

    1. The frogs I must say were quite immobile as were many of the snakes... (they were laying coiled up under heat lamps)
      The larger beasts have all had makeovers of their habitats since I last visited and the whole place was hard to recognise.
      A new camera has helped with the photography...

  6. You take such great pictures. I myself love a good fairy penguin. But what is with the pop baboon ass? Yikes, looks painful.

  7. Thanks Maddie,
    The new camera does make a difference and I'm still learning how to use it... baboons tend to fight a lot and i believe that this was the result for the "want to be" matriarch contender. A nice big puncture wound to the butt for her effort...

  8. In another life I want to be a "groovy green lizard". Jx

  9. Thank you for sharing these spectacular fotos with us, Princess! I luv zoos. I like to think of good zoos as places of refuge for animals who've lost their homes. Zoos can be arks and sanctuaries that can provide safe havens and a second chance for the endangered species. Everyone needs a safe home, even animals.

    I love the fotos of the reptiles, except for the snakes. Snakes make me nervous, even if they are behind glass, I like to keep my distance from them and give them plenty of space. The frogs are gorgeous! And the lizards, croc, and turtles/tortoises look fascinating.

    Ouch to the baboon. What does not kill you makes you stronger. The fish are neat! The Kookaburra looks amazing! Luv the cute wombat! What a teddy bear! And I particularly enjoyed the fabulous penguins!

    Thank you for sharing your awesome shots with us! It's nice to be reminded that Australia isn't just kangaroos and koalas, though I would luv to see them anytime, any day!

    1. Kangaroos and Koalas i tend to forget about as being interesting as I've grown up with them all my life and even had the odd altercation with the odd mob of kangaroos on the roads while driving... I had a female wallaby that would use my garden to raise her Joeys, often i'd wake to find her layinf against the wall under the bedroom window catching the morning sun whilst Joey was exploring the nearby shrubbery...

  10. How about a hint of lavender penguin?

    I've had carpet burns there, so I can sympathize with the baboon.

    I've been to a few zoos and I must say that I've never seen a monkey having a wank, it's just not good enough, the prices they charge, the least they could do is provide a long stick for customers to prod the animals into action.

    At Loro Parque in Tenerife a man flashed at me at the urinals and I noshed him off.

    1. You must stop sliding down the stairs Mitzi...
      The loro park Gent must have been very greatful to discover that the rumours he'd heard about northern gobblers being extinct... was quite untrue

  11. Replies
    1. LX, that is the cutest thing I've seen all week.

    2. They must be on their way to the office Christmas Party at the local Sushi bar...
      Thanks for the clip mate...

    3. So many fascinating creatures. One day we'll be in the zoo and the fairy penguins will stop by and shout insults to get us to move about.

      At my childhood zoo we had a huge old chimpanzee that smoked. He would beg for cigarettes and cigars. Most amusing.

    4. Mr M8y... I wonder if he was a share holder in big tobbacco?... or maybe an escapee executive left to beg on the streets or Zoo in this case...

  12. hold on, sweetpea! i thought there was going to be a PICTURE OF YOU!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

    1. Sorry to disappoint Savvy Darling... I'm not a fan of the Selfie...

  13. Merry Christmas to you, Princess, the Empress, and the entire family and friends!


    And Happy New Year! Thank you for your support and your friendship.

    May the Holidays be warm, peaceful, and wonderful for you and your loved ones. May laughter and smiles fill your home. And may the New Year bring you good fortune, good company, and good times! Cheers!

  14. Merry Christmas, my lovely!!