Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day at the Races???.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I love the smell of racing silks and sound of thundering horses hooves racing toward the finishing post as much as much as the next person...

And I'm not even adverse to the occasional flutter with a bookie in the mounting yard... though at present my passionate yearning for a day at the races has somewhat been curtailed and instead... my passion has been rekindled and replaced by mountains of tulle, satin and crystal organza...

As you are probably aware... I am in the process of designing and making the costumes for a local whole of school production of 

"Alice in Wonderland"

The School ranges from grade prep primary age to year 12 senior High school which makes for a lot of kids and a multitude of costumes. 
fortunately most of the costumes have been made as class projects through the year and I have been one of the costume designers asked to put the final embellishments to them an bring them up to standard for the stage production. 

In the past few weeks I have been working on the costumes for the Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 kids who are a variety of Flowers, Butterflies, Dragon Flies and Blades of grass ready for the Garden Scene.

Below are some samples of the Flower costumes....

The Butterflies and Dragon flies are also completed.

There are one or two stand alone costumes which are very creative and have been designed by their wearers and I will post about them at a later date
but for the moment think "Moth", "Bread 'n' Butterfly" and "Venus Flytrap"
Go on let your imaginations run wild darlings...

There are also 2 minor flower roles that act as the wranglers for the junior performers in the scene and they have special costumes for their part. 

These being 

A White Rose...

And a Red Rose

Consisting of a tulle skirt, an apron of wired and shaped rose petals and an elasticised headband...

In the meantime I've been conjuring 13 more flower hats for the supporting cast/chorus in the garden scene...

And here they are...

All fitted to an "Alice Band" and combined individually with a plain underskirt and over-skirt of tulle and patterned netting....

So... That's what I've been up to...
One down.... with only 12 more skirts to go!

I think I'm ready for a stiff drink Dhaaarlings...


  1. Those flowers are great!

    Hey, maybe you can do some designs for the next Melbourne Cup!

  2. Hello Princess:
    Do your talents know no bounds?!! These are seriously fun costumes which are both original and highly imaginative and will, we are certain, look wonderful on stage. The flower hats are magical, pure fantasy, as is, of course, 'Alice in Wonderland'.

  3. My dear Von LX
    funny you should mention that. I have recently had some enquiries regarding hats for the cup! I'll keep you posted should anything develop.

  4. Hello Hattatts!

    Wait till I get to the costumes for the water scenes! Fish, Lobsters, Jellyfish, Starfish, Turtles and Octopus are all on the drawing board!
    I just have to remember that I'm in a caucus race... erm... I mean a marathon and not a sprint!

    Thank you for your wonderful comments
    It does me a power of good to receive such lovely feedback...

  5. I'd like to know which costume you made in Princess size.

  6. flower hats??!!

    them's loveley-- I'd wear any of 'em, Princessa. Gorgeous bit of flair.

    Uncle announced his Haiku theme-hope ya' scribble an entry or two.

  7. I still have a hard time thinking that it is already tomorrow at your palais... I haven't had lunch "yesterday" yet!

    So much wonderful contrasting colors. Hope the lighting technician will pay due respect to your work. You know how too much light can ruin the brilliant details of a costume on stage!

    Wish you the best for the fitting session with the midgets! ;)

    I'm off to Auntie Belle's now for this week's Haiku theme!


    WV: monstra

  8. My darling MJ,
    At the rate to which i'm flying thru fabrics I will have about enough left for a Princess sized G string!

    Thank you Wally

    Have you been watching Moulin Rouge again perchance?

    Heloo there Aunty Belle

    no need for the blinkers today... only pretty things to look at...
    thanks for the invitation and thank Uncle for picking a fine theme for this week... I just need to choose a suitable hat to throw in the ring!

    Hello Jon

    Enjoy your yesterday lunch!

    It gets so confusing living in the future!

    The lighting guys from what I can gather are very good at making sure the costumes have as much presence on the stage as the actors!

    (Speaking of munchkins... there is talk of the next show being Wizard of Oz! They are hoping to recycle costumes from this production)

  9. *clicks link*

    Your arse looks big in that.