Friday, November 25, 2011

Do I Look Like a Cheshire Cat To You Bitch???

Hello Dhaaarlings...

As you well know Princess is on a deadline!
final dress rehearsal is on the 7th December... Not all that far away!

I ordered some Fur fabric for "Cheshire Cat" costumes 5 weeks ago.
I had seen this fabric on an earlier visit to the store... but between reporting this news to the design team and returning to the store the next day with the OK to purchase some... the fabric it had sold out! I know! Who buys hot pink and purple tiger print fake fur?.... Oh.... Silly question.... Everyone's making "Cheshire Cat" Suits this season....

The woman that served me offered to order in some more and told me that it would take 3 weeks to arrive in store and they would notify me on it's arrival.
When I hadn't heard from them three weeks ago I contacted the store to discover that the silly cow that served me at the store failed to find a barcode for the product so when I checked back with them... they... and to my Horror... I... discovered that the fabric had not been ordered.

They re-ordered the fabric that day telling me that it would be another 3 weeks for it to be delivered to the store again... "Shit" I thought... "I'm going to be pressed for time"....

Two days later I got a phone call to say that the fabric had arrived in store and that I could call by for my purchase... "Great" I thought... "That was good service"...
So off I went to make my purchase.
Again... to my horror the fabric that had arrived was yes, hot  pink and purple tiger print but splashed with orange yellow and green as well... Nothing like the fabric I had seen.
When I said that it was the wrong fabric the same silly cow that had originally served me looked at me and said... 

"Well that's what's come in love"....... "I can't do anything about it"

"Well obviously not darling" I replied... "But I can" said Princess and wandered of to find the Manager.

Fortunately Princess is on very good terms with management at this store and so gave them some feedback regarding issues of staff competence and customer service.

Apologies were made and the manager assured me that she would track down the fabric herself...
2 hours after our discussion I received phone call from the Manager to say she had located the exact fabric at another store and that she could have it sent over... But again it would take another three weeks. 
I informed her that it would be quicker for me to drive to the stores location and purchase it directly myself.

She then informed me that the stores had a phone order policy and that I could place the order over the phone and they would post it out to me within the week!

the Fabric arrived today!!!

And it's just Divooon Darlings...

I cant wait to fire up the Phaff tomorrow...


  1. And I thought all the drama was supposed to be ON the stage!


    Loving to fabric, though.

  2. You know - why not splash in some orange yellow and green, eh?

  3. Dear Bob
    Sadly this isn't the half of it.
    The Chief "Wardrobe Mistress" thinks that "Tunics" in this fabric "Might be nice!"
    My thoughts lean more toward full body suits with large tails attached at the wrists with fishing line to allow movement!
    I'm mildly pissed after the running around to get the fabric and I do not intend doing it the injustice of a fricking tunic!

    We shall see who wins this little cat fight!

    My Dear Mr Maggs

    Thank you for "Kind" suggestion...

    Unfortunately the only colour I intend to have splashed upon it... should it come to that... is the colour of Blood! And it most certainly will not be my own!

  4. Sorry to hear about the procurement hassle. But, by god, it looks like it was worth the trouble! Can't wait to see the results!

  5. Talk about shoddy service! I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read.


    At least you've got what you need now. But crikey! That deadline is damned close.

    Good luck my lovely.

  6. What fabric?
    Every time I start to see it it vanishes....

    Textile shopping is always an adventure, You Know!


  7. Oh Princess why can't you live closer. I am in need of a ensemble to make me look like a hu,man peacock...with tons of feathers for a event.......