Friday, May 4, 2012

I't's MAY.... And You Know What That Means.... Pole Dance Season....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

That right!... It's Pole Dancing Season and I thought you all might like to join me?

Now Darlings.... Just get a good grip....

...and go for it!

Now remember....

....Bottoms Up!


  1. Hello Princess:
    Well, you certainly know how to put the pole into Maypole!!!

    Now, where are all the ribbons, fancy frocks and knickerbockers?.....

    1. Hello Hattats,
      I've been waiting for the musical accompaniment to arrive...
      It seems to have turned into a clothing optional event... Mainly because i'm still running up the fancy frocks, the ribbons are tying back my hair... And well... You can see how long the knickerbockers stayed on for....

      Congratulations on the up coming gig...

  2. So many poles so little time.

  3. When's the last time you cleaned that thing?

    1. My Dear MJ
      "When is the last time you cleaned that thing?
      I am to assume is an inquiry as to the hygienic standards to which my pole is maintained...

      My I inform you that the house bares no responsibility for any malady that may befall any pole participants.
      An ample supply of wet wipes have been secreted throughout the establishment for the purpose of maintaining high standards of pole hygiene.
      It is required that participants wipe before... sometimes during and most definitely after each pole performance.

      Failure to do so may result in harm.... or a very nasty rash....

      Enjoy your dance!

  4. Well...the Poles are a very handsome people, but those look like Czechs to me.

  5. That's not really how I remember Swan Lake!

  6. I'll just climb up on top there, shall I?

  7. I like a well greased pole myself, stops my lips from getting chapped!