Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Quick Touching of the Base...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess has been quite under the weather for the past week having succumbed to a nasty manflu/gastro combo.

I'm feeling well on the way to recovery thank you...

The recent "time out" has meant that I have not been as much of a slave to the phaff and am thus a week behind schedule with costumes... Ho hum... 

I needed to take a little break anyway as I have been putting in long hours and not getting to bed till the wee hours of the morning and up and back at the machine by 9 am to start all over again 

But hadn't anticipated spending so much "in loo" if you get my drift. 

Fortunately the weather has turned cold and i'll admit that spending a day or two snuggled up in bed with a good book has done me a power of good. 

With only 4 poppy skirts to finish I can now get back to them with renewed energy and by early next week will be well into constructing the Crow Costumes!

In the meantime Darlings...

Here's something nice to look at...

It's the year of the Arse.... Celebrate!


  1. Je ne crois pas aux conneries du LGBTisme...solidarité gay etc.

  2. Glad your feeling better!!! I might suggest you get the above to help you. Scratch that. Nothing will get done then!!!!

  3. Thanks for the arses.
    That probably helped you feel better!

  4. Oh no....I'm hoping you're feeling on top of the arse...I mean world.... soon.

  5. Dear Princess,
    I'm glad you are on the mend.
    I too was laid flat a couple of weeks ago with a bum tooth and my thought was that one gets so busy that one forgets to punctuate...

    So life does it for you.

    Working on my punctuation,

  6. Take good care of yourself, Prinny.

    Good to see you're keeping up your end as far as The Year of the Arse goes.

  7. "Arsch hoch!" as they say in Cologne. Good to hear that you recover, dear Princess, take care!

  8. I'm so sorry you've been poorly. Frankly, May has been the month of the sick. Everyone I know is or has succumbed to something dreadful, myself included.

    Glad to hear you're on the mend, but I'd have guessed that from the lovely buttocks. You're obviously feeling more perky!

    Lots of love darling.