Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hard Labour: a tale in which Prinny Bites Off More Than He Can Chew... Almost!...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I'm Back!

Have you missed me terribly?.... I didn't think so...

To be quite frank... I haven't been anywhere really... apart from hanging about the Palais
Computers are such fun... particularly when you are on limited income and have a fixed monthly plan with a limited download allowance... I think my recent difficulties can be contributed to spending too much time at the keyboard pressing the play button on video/porn clips and not getting on with the things that I really need to be doing... it is an avoidance... a pleasurable avoidance... but all the same still... an avoidance
Yes there you have it.... The truth!

And yet.... I've found that I've been far more productive in the weeks since my access to the interwebs have been limited... Who knew?

Remember those dresses?

Yes... these Dresses...


The bulk of my time has been spent in putting together a rather "difficult"...(it has caused me some consternation and sleepless nights)... dress pattern that has really challenged my memory and skills when it comes to interpreting commercial patterns...
The explanations and diagrams of construction techniques are... as I have found... quite limited... and thus confusing 
So I have had to be a little more creative in getting the gown to look right... by altering the construction technique to alternative methods that give the same / equal result...

The bulk of my time is taken up with alterations to the commercial patterns so that the pattern pieces are made to fit the individual girls body shapes...

 and ... As I have rudely discovered... There are some challenges in making bespoke gowns... believe me....

Not everyone is a "Vogue Model" if you get my drift... but it can be a fun exercise in turning a sow's ear into a silk purse... or at the very least making an attempt at matching the finished product... to a well fitting resemblance of the original design...

The patterns need to be graded to fit individually combining a size 12 bust and a size 16 waist for example and praying that the end result looks flattering on the form... (Thank God for Calico and the making of toile's) It is time consuming and tedious work. The lay up of fabrics and the cutting is a little more interesting tho... no less time consuming and the sewing at the machine... In comparison is a breeze...

And then you get to work with the rel fabric!

The almost finished product should look to be something like this..

As yet, to be lined and back zip inserted after a final fitting...

 This one is well on the way... with only four more to go..

So I guess that... Rather than spend time sitting here at the computer I'd best be getting back to the next Sow er... Silk purse

Speaking of "commercial patterns" and to celebrate our national day enjoy some

 Aussie arse...

before... he got the gardening bug and started rubbing bits with Oprah...

Ex "Manpower" stripper... Jamie

He seems to have a thing for chaps...

and Daffodils... or are they Narcissus?
Bottoms Up Darlings...


  1. Starbucks: two hours free wireless internet. Just saying.

    The dresses will be magical. I'm sure of it.

    Happy Australia Day, mate!

    1. Yes, but Princess can't really masturbate in Starbuck's can she? she'll get thrown out.

    2. how did you know that would happen Mitzi?
      In i trundled with my shopping trolley loaded up with my tower keyboard screen mouse and dongle to set up for some free usage. When i ordered lube with my coffee they threw me out onto the street!...
      I'll not be attending "starfucks" again... their coffe is shite!

    3. Oh and thank you Mr Lax for your kind suggestion... but you can read about the result!

      Surrouned by bushfires floods and waking up to hear about tornadoes in queensland overnight... It's just another day in paradise!

  2. The dresses look mightily difficult indeed....but your version looks great!

    I think chaps would be much easier to sew, don't you?

    1. I tend to be in agreeance in regard to the chaps, Jason. Much less fabric to wrangle...

  3. Happy Australia day!!
    I know what you mean by limited internet = greater productivity.
    In the UK this week it was reported that crime rates have fallen to their lowest in 30 years and this may be due to smartphones, social media and gaming. World peace is within our grasp, all we have to do is give everyone a smartphone.
    I have wandered slightly off-topic... but I wish I could employ you to make me into a silk purse.


    1. Good Grief! Such horror! The thought of everyone hooked up to a smart phone... I'd never have a normal conversation on the train again. I'd be a completely involuntary voyer of other peoples most intimate telephonic discussions... I happens already when travelling and it drives me quite mad. I don't need to know which carriage and seat you are sitting in so that I can find you while you are both on the same train. I usually use my eyes and do some walking if i find myself in that situation. It's much quieter and less disturbing for other travellers!....

  4. This dress looks very fine, Princess - and since I have no more internet access in the mines I really come close to the planned numbers of catalogue entries ... so I hang around the computer on the weekends, tah ...

    1. Thank you Mr Mags... Weekends are probably a better way to manage the interweb/real life balance. I will give it a try....

  5. Limited service, oh the horror!

    The chaps look great, after you're done with the first one, the others will go much easier.

    1. I meant dresses...

      Happy Australia Day!

    2. Thanks Wally... I knew exactly what you meant!
      But you are the right... the same principle works for both... Tho I honestly believe that I'd be far more confident taking on the dresses at this point in time!

  6. Love the dress.
    Is it waiting to be fitted on Nekkid Jamie?
    He'd look fabulous in it!

    1. I think Jamie would turn... a few heads... if he turned up to "Chelsea" dressed in this little number...

  7. Mmmmmm... Chapsss......

    Oh, I'm sorry dear... you were saying...???

    1. Focus!... Oh... My appologies... you already are! I knew I'd be wasting my time trying to get any sense out of you at all Huggy Jon... by posting pics of lovely men in chaps....

  8. It's looks gorgeous, she's going to look very slinky in it.

    1. Mitzi Darling... I'm hoping that all 5 of them end up looking "Slinky"... Though some will be a greater challenge that others!

  9. The dress looks absolutely fabulous! Well done, Princess! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Happy Belated Australia Day.

    My goodness, that first pic of Jamie...I hope that is not one of Oprah's bits he's rubbing against--if he's not careful, he could fall in and never get out!