Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pissed off Prinny!.....

Hello Daaarlings...

Princess is quite Gropable!


I just went to post some lovely arse that I thought... Like me... You might enjoy....

But Alas... It has all ended in tears...

It is with great sadness that I must inform you 

 I don't have any pictures...

 Well actually that's not quite right... in fact... I had several lovely arty/ arsey shots to post for you... But for some very strange reason the "Select a file"  "Browse"  option seems to have disappeared from the screen that pops up whan wishing to upload a file.
This has put me into quite a confused state as... in the past... I have always uploaded files stored on my computer to this blog using the Browse files option...

But since my last post the button has... Gawn!

Has anyone else noticed it's vanishing or is it just that I've had one too many Gins???

Please let me know if it's just me not seeing the button or... that your button has gone missing too... and we are facing a conspiracy... confirm for me that I am drunk... that yes... I have finally lost my marbles or... as I suspect...

 Blogger has gone and CHANGED things AGAIN without notification... FUCKERS!


  1. I still have the upload feature and the choose files feature.
    Hopefully you'll get this sorted out because I was in the mood for Arty Arse--who sounds like an old school chum.

    1. Thanks Bob, I don't know what is going on...

  2. it isn't a "button" sugarpie, it's an image of a photo. have a nap and you'll feel so much better. and drink a lot of water, too. xoxoxox

  3. It happened to me once but it was temporary, or I was drunk...

    Anyway, it came back.

    1. Hi Wally,
      I hope it comes back real soon cos i dont want to have to revert to copying and pasting every thing which turns a simle pleasurable past time into a pain in the arse time...

  4. Thanks Savvy Darling...
    The problem is that when i click on the image of the photo... the screen that opens up Had a "Browse files" near where it says the types of files that can be uploaded.. eg jpg/gif etc that I could click and it would take me to files stored on my computer. That "Button" is missing only leaving me with the list of options under the heading "Upload"
    Now I dont know how to retrieve files stored on my computer that I want to upload... I'll sleep on it..

    1. At the top of blank New Post window, there are two tabs - "Compose" and "HTML". Try clicking on the latter and see if you can add a picture from there, then click the "Compose" tab to carry on editing. Worth a try... Jx

    2. Thanks for this suggestion Jon. And it was worth a try... I gave it a go and guess what? IT WORKS!
      You have just made my day even better!

    3. You are more than welcome, my sweetie! The other glitch sounds more like a problem with one of your updates on the computer ("Flash", "Java" or something like that) than Blogger suddently going wrong, especially as no-one else in Blogger-land has reported it... Hope it restores itself soon. Jx

  5. Hi, Princess

    Don't worry. I've had the same thing happen to me a few times before. I think it's a bug in blogger. Here is what I do:

    1. Save your post first. This way, you don't lose any of the work you've done so far. Click on the gray rectangular SAVE button-which for me is between the orange PUBLISH and gray PREVIEW buttons.

    2. Click on the Insert image icon--the button beneath the PREVIEW button. It's the rectangle picture one, where if you point your mouse arrow on, it'll say "Insert image".

    3. Once you've clicked on the Insert image icon, a pop up window with the heading "Select a file" should pop up.

    4. Look for the gray rectangular button with the arrow pointing up labeled "Choose files". Click on that button. A pop up window labeled "File Upload" should let you upload pics from your computer, wherever you happen to have those pic files you want to upload (e.g. Desktop, My Computer, My Documents, etc). I do believe this "Choose files" gray button is the new 'Browse files' button.

    5. If it doesn't work, then click Refresh (on Internet Explorer) (or Reload for Firefox) button on your browser. And then repeat steps 2 thru 4.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Dear Mr Swings.
      See my reply to "Jon" above. It is a solution that works for now.
      Your instructions were great but sadly it is the 'Choose file" with the upward pointing arrow that has gone missing from the "Select File" page... I'm hoping that it is a glitch in the system and that it will rectify itself in the very near future... (Thanks for your card BTW it got here safely last week)

    2. Hi, Princess!

      I'm glad you've found a solution to your problem (and you got my card :)

      Let me edit to add that I forgot to include:

      Step 3, part 2: Once the "Select a file" window pops up, wait for the "Upload" label to appear under "Select a file". Click on "Upload" and it should make the gray rectagular "Choose files" button to appear.

  6. Just be grateful you're not using Wordpress.... it changes the way it uploads on a weekly basis.