Monday, July 9, 2012

FLY!.... Fly my Pretties....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Well! The "Flying Monkeys" are all fed watered and ready to fly!!!

I know! Who would have thunk they would have come together so well?

Of course they will look much better with a person in them... We managed to purchase some latex monkey face masks that can be painted... you guessed it blue! 

From the front...

From the rear...

They still have to have strips of fur stitched to the back of the arms and legs of the body suit and some small patches of fur attached to the cuffs so as to cover the hands and feet... and just finish the whole thing off!

But I will need some bodies to be wearing them to get the right placement.

I've really surprised myself at just how good they look!

I'm figuring that the producer will be blown away by them when she sees them on Tuesday when she will be here to help cart some of the completed costumes over to the rehearsal venue for storage and further fitting...

I'll be very glad as we only have limited space here and the Empress has wardrobes so full of finished costumes that we are rapidly running out of closet space.... My place looks like the dressing room back stage...

The next project will be constructing some cyclone costumes... Followed by the jitterbugs... I'm still waiting on the arrival of the battery light packs before I make a start on them otherwise I might have to re think the whole design and I don't want to make extra work for myself.

There are a few Munchkin and Emerald city costumes to keep me busy enough

In the meantime Darlings... Here's something else to feast your eyes upon

Bottoms Up!


  1. Spectacular work on the monkey suits! Brava Princess! Brava!

  2. Love love love the Flying Monkeys!!

  3. I'm not in the least surprised....
    Simplicity in itself...
    I agree, bring me the components necessary, then I will design & complete the project, above specs....

  4. *standing ovation*

    Brava Brava!

    Wonderful my darling, they look just wonderful!

  5. I love the costumes, and I especially like the Flying Monkey in your bed.

  6. It's time to make a NINTH "Planet of the Apes" movie and hire YOU as the costume designer.

  7. It looks like a creation from a very disturbed mind. It's really quite nice.

  8. Have you even concidered accesories Princess . Its utter Madness

  9. well done indeed. kabuki wonders what you could do with a kimono patterb and 19 yards of snakeskin.