Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello Dhaaarlings...

As promised I did say that I'd be back with an update on what's been happening with Princess... Well here goes...

I turned fifty as planned on Tuesday and spent much of the day answering the land line and speaking to well wishers from near and far... and making cups of tea or coffee for those that "Just dropped in" It was lovely to talk to everybody,catch up, and take a day off from slaving over costumes at the phaff.


 On Monday morning my hard drive had crashed big time... 
Happy Birthday to Me! I thought... so that afternoon
I took it off to the computer "pox doctor" who informed me that the news was not good (I figured that when the damn thing refused to even boot up, instead it just kept getting so far with the start program and would shut itself down and re boot all over again) and that it would cost me about $200 to replace the hard drive.

I must admit that it did take me back to my child hood not having a computer at hand. Finding myself looking for things to do to entertain myself without having to log on, in or out!
I got so much more done this week without the distraction... Though I must say I did miss doing the rounds of your blogs... Missing a marvelous birthday party with you all at MJ's... oh... and the porn surfing.... But I digress

For the remainder of the week I continued to slog on with costumes for the show
Friday Night the Empress surprised me with a Party under the guise of...

"Just going out to a restaurant for dinner with the family"

Failing to mention the 40 or so other invited guests eagerly awaiting my arrival in one of the function rooms at the nearby pub.

 The Empress had out done herself having the room decked out with rainbow balloons, Sparkly "50" center pieces and trails of glitter and sparkles up and down the length of each table.
The family and extended family were there, old family friends that have known me since birth, neighbours, old work colleagues and friends and some of the team from the theatre company...
I was quite gobsmacked!

But the thing that caught my eye the most was this!....

A most taastefullly decorated chocolate mudcake....

 Palm tree swizzle sticks and all... When I clapped eyes on it I suddenly thought... Oh Dear... the Empresses tumour must be affecting her style and taste glands! She is symptomatic after all.... There is no possible way that the Empress would produce such a monstrosity, beast ... er... whimsical creation as my birthday cake and well.... fortunately I was quite wrong...

The Empress must have seen the look of utter disbelief on my face when I spotted the confectional folly.... and out the side of her mouth proclaimed
"The cake is not of my doing"....and nodding her head in the direction of the culprit added "What could I do?... She insisted..."

"Thank God for that!" I whispered back to her... "I thought it was a product of your tumour" To which she laughed.

The "CAKE"... as it turned out... was my gift from one of the Empresses dear friends who is in her eighties... The darling absolutely insisted that she 

"Would love to do me up a little birthday cake for the occasion! It will save you some of the worry Empress" 

It was to say the least.... a masterpiece!

But wait! There's More!!!

Not only was there the chocolate decorated mud cake which would have been quite adequate...but it was sitting there balancing precariously atop a mountain highly decorative cupcakes... Yes! Miss Scarlet... I do Declare! CUPCAKES!!

Strewn among the cup cakes were all manner of critters... lizards, butterflies, ribbons, glittery stars, strings of beads and little knitted angles and dolls with hand made dresses... "Because you make dresses don't you Princess"
And finally a random placing of  hot pink foil covered love hearts!
The cake itself was topped with ribbons sprinkled with silver stars, bunches of native wattle and gum nuts hand made from icing and finished with an array of candles and sparklers shaped in the number 50!
Each cup cake was individually decorated with frosting and smiley faces, some even possessing candy dentures.... at least i think they were candy... and others that looked a little like breasts complete with a frosting nipple...
I referred to one of these as "A nipple of Venus" to a friend as the cakes were passed about later in the evening... Her response "A nipple of Venus Williams Perhaps" staring at the chocolate-nippled cupcake in her hand...

Truthfully... I was tickled pink by all the effort that Mums friend had gone to!
And made a point of her thanking her profusely for her gift.

One of my young Nieces, had put together a slide show of photos of Princess growing up which gave all concerned a very good laugh and a walk down memory lane... which almost ended as a hobble... Well there was 50years of memory to walk!

This is Princess really really wanting to take a knife to the obligatory "Signed Teddy Bear" which seems to be the "must have" thing on such occasions...
And then turning the knife on the cake/s! 

No.... Really!

It was a lovely night and most unexpected. The Empress did very well to keep it all a secret... I suspected that there was plotting afoot as for weeks now there have been several strange and unusual phone calls and lots of giggling behind closed doors with grandchildren and whispered conversations when her friends have called over....

For the first time in my life I received Flowers for my birthday!
Not just one... but Two lots!
One from my sister and her family...

A large bowl of Protea's...arrived on Tuesday (photographed upon another dead computer)


A bunch of poppies from the Theatre Production Team...
Yes Poppies! I wouldn't have guessed either! They were both lovely and are adding a nice touch of colour to the winter gloom here at the moment...

Fortunately the Empress "forgot" to invite the Head Costume Wench  ... er...the more "difficult" members of the team...

All in all I had a most wonderful birthday and it continued over the weekend.
Several corks were popped and my liver is now thankfully hanging out on the clothesline... I must finally be getting old!

Once again I thank you all for your well wishes, emails and cards

I am a most greatfull Princess...

Ps. The Mudcake Spectacular made divine eating...


  1. MmmmmmmmmmmmmCake!
    Looks fabulous all the way around!

    Happy happy Day!

  2. Love the pix of Princess and Teddy and Cake! Happy Extended Birthday!

  3. Let me hug you.

    1. Me too!

      Let's make a Princess sandwich!

  4. Oh how wonderful.

    Let me hug you too.

    Group hug!

    The mudcake was so appalling, it was gorgeous. I loved it.

    The Empress is truly wonderful.

    You look so happy. Good. That's what we like to see.

  5. What a most lovely post!!!!! We have missed you at the Casa and the other haunts! I love poppies one of my favorites. And how fitting for you to receieve. Poppies.....Poppies......sleep,sleep...now sleep...........

  6. Happy belated 50th birthday Princess!
    "Someone left the cake out in the rain and I'll never have that recipe again
    Oh, no!..."