Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

would you believe it if i told you that last monday I was abducted by a colony of baby dingo's

No Neither would I! But given that I haven't been about for the past couple of days
 you would be forgiven for thinking so...

The truth of the matter is... My Computer died! with no more notice than a sudden grinding and shuddering and a complete automatic shutdown and refusal to reload. It ist caput! 

A pox on computers I say!

 It has taken until now for me to procure an old dinosour from my brothers collection of archaic beasts just so that I might inform you all of my current situation...

It has meant that I missed my birthday party held for me at the Lovely Chez Infomaniac 
and all of your well wishings for my 50th.
It must have seemed  to you that Princess is most ungreatful and rude bitch for not even putting in an appearance at her own party.
nor replying to your lovely comments!

 I am anything but! I have had tears of heartfelt joyous hilarity streaming form my eyes on reading your good wishes, humourous banter and notes of concern as to my whereabouts.... And I thank you all most sincerely!

I'm feeling like my Birthday has gone on all week and it has really... but I will tell you more about that later.

For now I would just like to express my gratitude and thanks to each and every one of you.

Normal transmission will resume as soon as the Poxfilled old Bitch comes back from the clinic...

Till then I'm Popping champagne corks in your honour!
Bottoms up Darlings....


  1. If I could do this internet-y thing without computers, I'd be SO happy.
    They always f**k things up.

    Happy belated birthday Princess.

    1. hi Bob! what ever did we do without them? In my case i actually got out of the house and spoke to people in the real world!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh ! Hai Mr Lax... and say hai to your friend from me!


    My old trollop of a pc is on its last legs as well... I keep getting the blue screen of death... but it must be a faux blue screen of death because I am still here. There but for the grace of Microsft, go I...

    1. Thank you Miss Scarlet. The perils of pootering... Everyting is giong along swimmingly and then the whole "universe in a box" crashes...

      I'm just thankful that they still produce quills and ink!

      Though it was quite nice to have to use my actual voice to communicate for a while...

  4. I'm sorry to hear that the machine crashed - but as long as nothing worse will happen ... good to see you resurface.

    1. Hello Mr Mags, Hard drives are very handy when they work!
      At least having one out of action caused me to get so much more done around the place!

  5. So glad the Dingos didn't steal our Princess! lol

    Sorry about the 'puter problems darl .... but I hope you had a fabulous 50th!

  6. Yeah, the dingos released you finally!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh thank goodness.

    You were worrying me so. I thought you'd got sewn up by the flying monkeys!