Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Monthly.... June...

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Another Month is upon us!

 Where the hell is this year going? It just seems like a minute ago I was wishing everyone a happy month of Masturbation for May.... I guess time flies when one is having fun... and here we are in June!

The time just fly's by so quickly, and Autumn is turning to Winter here in Oz
The days are becoming shorter and the colder weather is settling in.
We have already had some early snow back in April which is almost unheard of around these parts and already jack frost is leaving his mark in the wee hours most mornings. 
I wake up to crisp cold mornings which so far now have fortunately been filled with pleasant sunshine til about 4 in the afternoons when the air takes on the familiar chill of night once again.

Apart from the weather there has been much good news around the Palais...

My brother and his family finally sold their business and have moved into temporary rental housing. They have bought a large block of land and are in the process of having a house moved onto it. the block of land has a well established though somewhat neglected orchard with all manner of apple pear, plum, peach, nectarine, nashi pear, and cherry trees on it. They plan to add some citrus and nut trees to the existing orchard and possibly add some berries as well.
No doubt I will be posting some pics as they come to hand.

I have continued to remain busy with costumes.

The 30 Poppy costumes are now completed!

The Crow Costumes are well underway the heads are completed.
 I've completed  four of the eight tux jackets and am in the process of over-locking hundreds of individual pieces of black fabric shaped like feathers.... 

to be sewn onto black net to create the wings on the jackets.

The next costumes to tackle will be the Jitterbugs! but I'll show you my plans for them in another post!

Then it will be time for the Flying Monkeys!
I've planned to do them last as there is talk of bungee cords and trampolines and swing bars.... so I want to see what sort of treatment they will have to stand up to before I go ahead and make them, given that the kids will need to be safe in them while flying about the stage!

The Empresses Health is in a holding pattern at present. We have been unable to get another MRI booked until August! So the panicky urgency expressed by the specialist at last visit regarding the early signs of a ? potential small ??benign??? malignant brain tumour, seem have quelled somewhat. Attempts to book an MRI prior to this have been futile and we even had to cancel the May appointment with the specialist.

 As the Empress said....

 "Well what's the point of going all the way to town if I haven't had another scan yet! What's he going to review? My outfit?"...

She remains asymptomatic and the review with her GP suggested that the urgency seemed a little overstated.

On the other hand.... we are in the process of  booking a referral for another review with the Hip Specialist. The Empress has been experiencing intermittent pain in her left hip joint. She is back to walking with a cane and has started on some slow release pain relief. She had a total left hip replacement about 6 years ago and had been doing really well until her right hip disintegrated with an undiagnosed osteonecrotic arthritis. the right hip was replaced 2 years ago now .

But since having a bad fall while out waking with the grandchildren during the School break earlier in the year she's been having bouts of pain in her left hip that comes and goes.
These bouts have been increasing in frequency since the last review in February, So I think that it is time we had a review again.
X rays are booked for early next week!

Did I mention that we have a new temporary addition to the household?
One of my brothers Dogs....

Fuck off with the camera Bitch!
Meet Spot!

I'm told he's a miniature Jack Russell what ever that means, He has a lovely temperament and keeps himself busy all day hunting around the yard. He has been an "Outside dog" until coming to live at the palais... It's only taken 2 weeks to house train him with only one or two  unfortunate "Accidents" during that time, nothing that a bit of kitchen towel and a mop couldn't handle!
I was expecting much worse....

Anyway darlings..... I've prattled on for long enough and If you have been bothered to read down this far.... then here's a nice little song and dance number to get you in the mood for the new month...

And don't' forget....

A Message from the Empress...
 He wanted me not to say anything but I just can't... Princess is going to be turning 50 later this month...
But it's meant to not be spoken about as he keeps getting very antsy every time I mention wanting to have a  party for him .... Shhhhhhhh..... don't say I told you now will you? In the meantime I'll keep working on him


  1. (OMG, i can't believe i'm FIRST!!)

    sugar, i would LOVE to visit and just be the help while all of this is going on! the costumes are incredible and i can't wait for the flying monkeys!!! oxoxoxoxox

  2. I have the same attitude as Spot!

  3. Oh Hai, Spot!

    Yay! So many good things going on in Princessland!

    [anxiously awaiting the Flying Monkeys!]

  4. Wonderful news about your brother's new home.

    And doesn't Spot look comfy with you?

    Can't wait to see The Jitterbugs, never mind the Flying Monkeys.

  5. A nectarine orchard sounds like proof of heaven. Happy secret b'day.

  6. FIFTY?!!

    Mistress MJ has reserved a room for you at the Infomaniac Villa of Queens Old Homosexuals' Haven Retirement Home.

    1. The bad news...

      You will be bunking with Peenee.

  7. Honey, I can't believe how fast the costumes are coming!!!! And just so you know Masturbation month continues here! And of course we are in the throws of getting into summer now, so that means men are shedding their clothes!!!!!!! And Spot looks JUST THRILLED.

  8. So when do the invites go out for your party?

    OMG! I haven't got a thing to wear!

    My hunny is going to be 50 this month too. It's a good month.

  9. don't accidentally spray spot remover near the doggy! You havent been specific enough about your date!!! when is the 50th? - p.s. we left your boat tied up to the pier in venice, back in oz now, ta, bruce and deb

  10. Glad to learn that all these appointments and doctoral visits are seemingly not that urganet as first thought.
    Good luck with the big five, m'dear!

  11. Good day dear Princess (or should I say good evening, I just don't know anymore!)

    Just want to let you know that Rafa is hosting Haiku Monday this week and that he chose a very appropriate theme: "OZ".

    I thought it might awakens your poetic nerve since you've been OZ-ing for quite some times now...

    Here's the way to Rafa's!


    1. Thanks Huggy Jon
      I shall pencil it into my diary!
      Are you throwing your hat into the Haiku ring this week?