Monday, May 28, 2012

The Coroner Makes a Call.... And All is Well!. (Nobody has died in the making of this Post)

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Don't Panic!

It's just the "Munchkinland Coroner"

Remember this?

Well Princess has her own take on the Coroners Robes...

I think that it should do the job... Don't you?

All I need now.... is to find a midget to put it on!

In the meantime whilst I'm off hunting for one...

Here's something nice to look at....

Bottom's up Darlings....


  1. All I need now.... is to find a midget to put it on!

    I think Miss Scarlet might fit the bill.

  2. Thank you MJ, What a marvelous suggestion! I shall make enquiries as to Miss Scarlets availability...

  3. sweet mary sunshine, sugar! y'all gave me a serious fright with that title! xoxoxoxo

    (delightful costume!)

  4. *fans herself briskly*

    Don't be posting shit like that title.

    Darling, you gave me a helluva fright.

    But I forgive you, since you made that gorgeous costume.

    And no, I can't help with the midget. The Cat doesn't like dress-up anymore.

  5. Savvy and Roses, Please accept my most humblest of apologies, I quite obviously didn't thoroughly think through the possible implications of such a title before posting. Just to allay your anxiety the Empress is fighting fit as is the rest of the family. Again I appologise and will adjust the title accordingly...

  6. I like it, it somehow seems sort of Sherlock Holmse-y.

  7. You know I'll forgive you just about anything, as long as you and The Empress are well and happy!

  8. I.. mmmm... just... oh my... blahsdjfbkdsaljjdkjdfnjfsoidhjkk...

    *takes deep breath*

    okay, what was this post all about?