Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Mayhem....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I'm a little exhausted since last we spoke...

I've been busy catching up on some work at the phaff....

Sewing up another storm of gathered tulle ready to turn into skirts to complete the poppy costumes. I finally finished all 24 of the blouses yesterday and so now it's on to the skirts.

2 layers of tulle one short and one long an over-skirt of red satin shaped like individual petals and an elasticised waistband...  of which 4 are completed!

Though I'm having a little trouble with the slightly pissed dummy in the corner

"Maude! Stop fannying about with the frills .. you're looking like a blood-clotted bridesmaid.... If you keep that up bitch ... the sherry goes back in the cupboard!

I just can't seem to get good help these days.....

Oh well....  Only another 40 metres of tulle to Cut Sew and Gather

So it's head down and bottom up for me Darlings...


  1. So it's head down and bottom up for me Darlings...

    No change there, then.

  2. I think Maude is having a lot of fun pissing you off! What a sweet gal!

  3. Could double as a festive Christmas Tree as well!

  4. It looks like a wonderful, exotic standard lamp ideal for a strumpet house.

  5. Maude talks about you behind your back, you know.