Sunday, June 10, 2012

Haiku Monday.

Hello Dhaaarlings...

A little bird told me about Haiku Monday this week (thank you Huggy Jon)

and it is a most timely theme...

Having not played for some time I thought I'd have a small attempt at an entry given that the theme is...


And as most of you that visit here regularly will know that I am currently up to my armpits in Poppies, Crows, Jitterbugs, Emeralds City Inhabitants, Munchkins, Cyclones and eventually Flying Monkeys
So it seems a rather fitting theme... Don't you think?

Haiku Monday is being being hosted by Raffa over at 

this week so click on the link above and check out all the other fabulous entries
And check out some of the previous posts here at "The Palais"
for progress reports on the costumes that I'm in the process of creating...

Over the Rainbow?
You've got to be kidding me...
There's no place like Home

Happy Haiku Monday Darlings...


  1. Replies
    1. Ta Mr Lax, but the competition is often several levels above my ability in the Haiku arena. It is still a lot to join in with tho.

    2. there should have been an "Of fun" in there somewhere....

  2. Happy Haiku Monday my dear!

    Have a great one. Hope you aren't working too hard.

    1. The work rat is increasing to where I've not even had time to take some photos of the latest progress to update posts!
      I did have a lovely week, I managed to finally get to the Grace Kelly Clothing exhibition at the local art gallery and take time out to visit a market or two...

  3. Replies
    1. Jon darling you read my mind!
      I never feel truly at home unless I'm in my own familiar bed!

  4. Princess:
    That's the whole point of Oz, is it not? All glam and glitter on the outside, but there's no cream in the meat of things...and what, pray tell, is having your meat without any damn pud'n?!?!?

    No matter the setting, no matter the bed; home is where I lay my lumber... deep in the valley of my man.

    You really nailed it...Great JOB--


    1. Thanks for doing a great hosting job... I'll be glad when august rolls around and i can put all these costumes to bed!

  5. BOOO. Once again, my comment is NOT here. I loved the theme of OZ and was so happy to you entered something this week! I so agree... there really is no place like home. Nice Haiku!

  6. Thanks Boxer,
    I'm surrounded by characters from OZ at the moment and i'm feeling like Dorothy. I'll be glad when the show is dine and dusted and packed in storage. then I can click my heels and really be at home again!

    1. Well, you ARE a "friend of Dorothy."

    2. Thanks MJ... I'm glad someone's Gaydar is working and realised the fact!

    3. Ps... The flying Monkeys are taking shape!

    4. Woo hoo!

      Please have the time for pictures of flying monkeys.

    5. check out the Sneaky Peek on the Next post Roses... They still have a long way to go but i think you will be pleased...