Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Almost Done....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Here are some quick picks from the full dress rehearsal and i appologise for their poor quality....
but honestly my camera is crap!

Lead orphans

Annie Escapes to Hooverville

The Warbuck's Mansion...

"Tech Crew" not included....


"Star to Be"

And that is about as far as i got with photos before the camera completely died!
In usual fashion there were many anxious teens running about back stage awaiting their "Big Moment"

Fortunately the Empress and I were sitting front row and could just sit back and relax and enjoy the performance...

The house was packed to the rafters and the show tonight is again a sell out!

I'm very glad that the show is over... My work is done the kids did a great job and I'm feeling very exhausted but quite chuffed.


  1. Bravo! You must be exhausted dear. Will you relax for a while now. Or can I sign you up for the production of Gone with The Wind? But you have some real stunning talent. I don't know how you have the patiences

    1. Dearest Maddie,
      Do you have the curtains ready for "that" ball gown?
      I wish i could relax but the show must go on! I've got a couple of private "fix it" jobs to do... 50 tunics to create for a Battle of Hastings re- enactment by the same college that I've just done the Annie costumes for Plus 5 bridesmaid gowns for a wedding in March! So there is really no rest for the wicked...

      Oh and a pending trip to the surgeon tho when that will be I'm still none the wiser!

  2. STUNNING, sugar! i hope those children appreciate all the work you put into those costumes!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks Savvy darling... The kids really do appreciate the hard work that makes them look spectacular on stage. I've had some lovely little cards of thanks from a few of them... along the lines of making them feel pretty for the first time in their life!... and lots of gushing thank-yous from the kids and their parents alike. I love seeing the outcome of all the time and effort i spend in making the vision come to life and it being appreciated... it's good for my soul! That's my reward....

  3. Congratulations, Prinny!

    You must be exhausted as it's been QUITE the year for you.

    Two huge galas, health issues AND The Year of the Arse.

    How DO you do it?

    1. My dearest MJ,
      I'm sure it has a lot to do with Vodka, Painkillers and a pinch of good luck!
      No really i am greatfull for the support i've had this year particularly in the last half of the year when my neck/ back stared to play nasty... I'm just glad that i've made it this far!

  4. Love them!
    That's a great thing that you do.

    1. Thanks Bob
      It is nice to feel appreciated and see the growth and confidence develop in the kids as the show progresses... It is wonderful for me to be able to be a part of the process....

  5. wonderful! I love love love the Statue of Liberty!

    1. Thanks Jason,

      As i always say..."You can't beat a bit of good Draping"...