Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Hot!..... Damn Hot!... Too Damn Hot!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

It's getting to be monotonously hot here... High thirties during the day an low twenties at night... there seems to be little respite and I'm going around the bend!

We have had 9 days straight of this incessant heat now... of which which the weather bureau says is an all time record for March! Whoo Hoo! That kind information does very little for ones temperament when trying to remain cool...

There is meant to be a cool change coming tomorrow evening... But I won't be holding my breath... the Bureau have lied before today you know! Oh yes they have!

The garden is burnt to a crisp despite desperate attempts to keep some water up to it... Plants that survived the drought have now turned up their toes... I've even managed to lose some trees to the scorching dry...

It wasn't even this bad during the 12 years of drought we had some time back!

We have not had any descent rain since October last year...

 A total of 35 ml has fallen in that time... And yes I do have a rain guage in the back yard...

It's after midnight and still 30 degrees C outside and even hotter indoors... No I don't have aircon... and as I don't happen to be lucky enough to own a swimming pool...

I'm making a jug of Bloody Mary's and then I'm off to lay under the sprinkler to cool off before bedtime...

Bottoms Up Darlings!


  1. Sounds like Texas! We usually have watering restrictions as well.

    Stay cool, Princess!

    1. Mr Lax... I'm surprised that we are not on water restrictions.. The state spent billions on a water desalination plant towards the end of the drought. It is costing 1.3 million a day to service yet has not produced a drop of water as all the dams filled during the floods! A fantastic investment of our money?

  2. With THAT kind of heat, you'll stick to your plastic slipcovers!

  3. I'd cheerfully swap, dear - here the wind chill is so fierce even our geraniums, daffs and tulips (usually hardy) are wilting in the cold... Jx

  4. MJ: My furniature is already like sitting on velcro even without the plastic slipcovers...

    It's like an old peoples home around here with towels draping the chairs to mop up the excess fluid loss whilst sitting wilting in the heat...

    Jon: I'm sorry to hear about your wilting bulbs and geraniums, my daffodil bulbs have shrivelled up and popped out of the dust the ground has become so dry and moisture resistant... The geranuims have turned to miniatures... Leaves and flowers are very keen to keep their surface area to a minimum in all the heat and dry condtions...

  5. Well dear, if it's that hot, don't rub your legs together. Last thing we need are brush fires! In the meantime Ill send some of the Casa boys with palms to fan your hide.

  6. You could do with a punkawallah dear Princess.

    I've been shivering like a dog shitting walnuts. I'm just waiting for the electric blanket to warm up before I go to bed!

  7. I live in California. What is this "weather" thing you people speak of?

  8. It's Spring here, so sip those bloodies, 'cause autumn's on her way!

  9. I am still stoking my wood burner! But I don't think I'd cope very well with your temperatures either.