Saturday, July 6, 2013

Winter Blue's... or... When the Weather's Cold and Daylight is in Short Supply...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Pass me a tissue will you please... Achoo! Thank you darling...
Princess has been feeling a little under the weather of late

Personally I feel like I'm slowly freezing to death but my GP assures me that It's just a simple case of "Manflu... Suck it up Princess"...

But... I get like this every winter... No energy, feeling lethargic, stuffy head, blocked ears, sneezy runny nose, achy joints and a coldness that leaves me feeling chilled to the bone... regardless of the layers of clothing applied... And often the only way I can really warm up is to climb into bed with the electric blanket turned up on to high....

(Perhaps a better solution would be to climb into bed with a nice warm man turned on to high)

The worst part is the chronic lack of motivation that I'm suffering... and it is not from a lack of not having anything to do...

Currently the production for "Annie" is in full swing an although the bulk of the costumes were completed for the production of "Annie Junior" at the end of last year there have been lots of adjustments to make to most of the existing costumes and many more new costumes to create than I had anticipated having to develop...
This time around it is the full stage production of the musical with more chartacters and many more scenes.... all requiring additional costume changes for the leads... 

Consequently it has been quite a struggle to keep on top of things... and with opening night rapidly approaching ( the last week in July) I still have several costume pieces to complete from scratch along with other bibs ans bobs to source... Thus the lack of photographic evidence...

Apart form the production work... I'm still on the process of creating "Duck" costumes for "the farmers" travelling animal show and in the middle of all this have been offered a contract with a local designer on the throws of launching a new product. It is piece work.... involving filling and sewing closed "designer" wheat hot packs.  It is a potentially lucritive side line but at present am awaiting the arrival of a new presser foot for my machine that will make sewing the faux fur packs easier and hopefully quicker to complete... The Empress hopes to be involved in this latest venture and is quite looking forward to some extra pocket money...
Speaking of the Empress her health problems have finally been sorted for the moment... It turns out thet the dizzy spells and blance problems have in the main stemmed from high blood pressure...

The most recent review of her brain tumours has revealed a lack of any change in size (which is miniscule anyway) or symptoms that might be associated with it... so as a result the specialist does not want another review for 12 months.  The specialist did say however that there are signs of mild ischaemic damage throughout her brain which she feels are not entirely uncommon for someone her age but are possibly related to her recent high bloodpressure... A stern letter to her GP has remedied this via an increase to her dosage of anti-hypertensive medication and the dizzy spells appear to have lessened.

The last review with the bone doctor went well and the Empress has opted not to have further surgery as her hip pain is curently quite managable and she was reluctant to experience another 6 weeks on crutches while recovering from the surgery along with the fact that during the last few times of having proceedures done under a general anaesthetic she has stopped breathing while on the table... So any further surgery is a risk!

Fortunatley the daylight hours are now getting longer so hopefully i'llbe feeling better soon and the motivation will return...

In the meantime Darlings... Bottoms Up!

And No... I haven't forgotten the FGES caption compo... I just can't be arsed getting it organised for the time being... Fortunately, they remain contained within their pickling jar... Thank goodness the Empress was on the ball and acted so quickly on their arrival... Who knows what my "Fabric Stash" would look like by now?


  1. Congrats to The Empress on the improving health!

    If you have too much cold, please send some of it this way, rain too! It's been hot and dry here (not exactly a news flash).

    Hang in there Princess!

    1. Hi Mr Lax, Perhaps we can do a little Climate Change exchange? So that we get a nice temperate environment most of the year round!

  2. Yay for the Empress on the improve :)

    Take care Princess and continued blesings of hope, health and happiness to you both :)


  3. Thanks D... The improvements with Mum's has been a real relief. We had both started to get quite despondent with it all.
    Your continued blessings are appreciated...

  4. Oh my dear I sure hope you feel better! With the gin, I forget you are now in winter, or fall is it? Dare a come nurse you back to health. I understand I have a magic touch. Xoxo

    1. Maddie Darling I could do with some of that magic touch about now... And a whole lot more gin!

  5. Hope you feel better soon, and best wishes to your mom.

  6. Good news for the Empress, and then poor you down with a cold.
    If it ain't one thing, it's t'other.
    Fell better.

  7. I do hope you're better soon, but I'm so glad to hear about the Empress. I think blood pressure meds have worse side effects than they do beneficial ones.

  8. Nur Mut, dear Princess! Good to hear that the health issues are sorted for now, that's most important really.
    Self-motivation is always an issue, especially in winter! I always found fear a big motivator, like "oh the deadline is in 12 hours ...!?" :)

  9. Oh my. You do sound busy. I hope your winter blues soon fade.
    Good news about the Empress, though. Long may she reign!

  10. Oh I do know what you mean my dear. Harsh winters, gusty winds, sub-zero temperatures all day long, nasty blizzards, 10 feet tall snowbanks... all this can really get our mood down.

    Lemme bring you a nice bowl of hot chicken noodle soup my mama used to make. It has a "special ingredient" that ought to stir your spirit up in no time!


  11. No hurry with TFGES.

    I haven't even updated The Definitive History page yet!

    Just concentrate on getting better.

  12. I hope you're feeling better dollface, I would have been in earlier to wish you well, but I was waiting for someone else to be the 13th caller. I could give you my old grans recipe for a traditional terrine (ideal for invalids) consisting of brawn, ham hock and trotters with a branston pickle topping.

  13. Oh you poor Princess. I too am happy that the Empress is stabilized and ambulatory, but honey what about you? Have you taken to your sick bed?

  14. Hey Schnucki - how's it going? What's that talk about payne killers?

    1. Schnucki ??? Isn't that the name of Heidi's Lieblingsziege?


      Shoot that crappy something!
      KILL IT - NOW! I HATE Heidi! NEVER mention HEIDI again!

      Or I Gonna sing that goddam shit to you - ich gröhl's Dir in's Ohr, daß Du nimmer weißt ob Du Männlein oder Weiblein bist!

      Gaah ... cough ... Heidi - fuck ... phew ... VodkaCigarBEd
      *shakes fist*
      ... Heidi ...

    3. Hello Mr Mags! All is fine it is just that I've had a little "Flare up" with my back/neck pain again... and i've been feeling poorly with a flu bug that i just cn't seem to shake off at the moment. I think a lot of it is stress related from making costumes and all the palava that goes on with rehearsing stage shows. Teenage casts can be a pack of little "Irresponsible Diva's" and despite all efforts to keep the costumes together with individual lables/hangers and plastic bags for shoes and props all named and hung with the costumes... costume pieces seem to just keep disappearing! Which makes extra work for me....And that's just the supporting cast... The kids playing lead rolls are worse! But that's a whole other post...
      I'll be fine once the show's over by the end of next week.

  15. PS. I can't stand heidi either!

  16. Huggy Jon... You are a very naught boy... Getting Mr Mags all riled up like that... and now he's had to go for a little lay down with a vodka to calm himself....

    I've never witnessed a tantrum like that before... perhaps I should put you over my knee and give you a thorough spanking for your effort...

  17. You are too kind Princess; I just recovered; channeling Mr. Cleese as Mr. Hilter in a B&B helps. I'm meself now again, manly and upright.
    "End of the next week" means coming Saturday? You will go through all this like Moses through the Sea, dear Princess! Tea, vitamins - and when the production is over you'll be allowed to sleep for a whole day!

  18. I'm so sorry I'm late popping by Gorgeous One.

    How are you feeling now? Still in the grips of manflu? Or have you been in the clutches of a man?

    Good to hear the Empress is doing so well. High blood pressure = not good at all! Glad it's now being sorted.

    Sending you lots and lots of hugs.