Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fabulous Find or the Day the Empress went Wild!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The Empress and I recently started volunteering at a local Opporunity Shop...
Well... It gets us out of the house and away from the maddening Gnomes... We get to meet some very nice people and as it turns out... it as a treasure trove of garments suitable for theatrical productions...

Last week whilst working the back room sourcing some old tat for "Annie" (the current theatre production I'm working on) I found this...

It was smeared with about an inch and a half of powder makeup around the collar and cuffs... giving it a lovely Oompa Loompa look...

"With a bit of a clean-up, that would look great on "Grace"" I thought and would save me having to make another outfit from scratch...
I showed it to the Empress who thought she could get the makeup out with a cake of "Velvet" soap

When we got home the Empress got immediately into makeup removal mode... happily scrubbing away at the laundry tub with her velvet and a soft nail brush.

With a little burst of joy she exclaimed "See look! It's starting to move already"... Holding up the now soapily orange tinged and drenched collar of the garment...  I left her to her suds and scrubbing and went to get on with some more sewing ...

 Suddenly I hear the Empress squeal... " Princess! Oooh! I don't believe it... Princess! Come and take a look at this!"
I went racing back up stairs with visions of the outfit in tatters having decintegrated with the shock of soap and water and Empresses scrubbing brush...

Did you see this? She says excitedly pointing to the label on the inside... and holding up the dress... now looking pristine...

(I hadn't)

"It's a Hartnell! a Norman Hartnell!"
"It's even got the little crown"

"A Who?" I reply

"Norman Hartnell! Norman Hartnell! Don't tell me you haven't heard of him Princess?"

"Vaguely" I say obviously still looking oblivious to the meaning and urgency of her words...

"He only made all Queen Betty Dressnice's dressess!" she exclaimed, "Her bridesmaids gowns, Her Coronation gown... He's Famous!

Oh! I never thought I'd live long enough to see a real one let alone be scrubbing makeup off the neckline"...
It made her day Darlings...  It was her Birthday afterall...

And nothing topped that ecxitement...

not even the chinese take away for her tea...


  1. Thanx Mr Lax... I think I'll be having a very quiet one after all this excitement! The empress is still talking about it to anyone who will listen!

  2. Too Fabu. You, me and LX all have wonderful finds lately. That would be a good dress for Grace. Not floozy enough for Miss Hanigan.

    Happy Birthday for Yesterday Land.

  3. Thanx Mr Pirate! It seems to have been a lucky week!
    You are right the dress looks fabulous on the girl playing "Grace" and fits her like a charm... Wait till you see what I've come up with for Miss "Lilly St Regis"... "You know... Like the Hotel..."
    It screams Floozy! And "Rooster" has gone all gangster for this production....

  4. Replies
    1. click the link for your birthday surprise, darlin! xoxoxoxo

    2. Thanks Savvy... My belly is dancing with laughter now!

  5. Blimey!!
    Happy Birthday, my lovely!

    1. Blimey indeed Miss Scarlet! I thought we had enough royalty around the palais already but obviously there's room for more!

  6. Happy Belated birthday Princess! Love the dress, ideal for showing him/her who's boss. Accessories: whip and dildo. Do you get first dibbs on all the stuff that comes in?

  7. I do get to select the odd item before it hits the sales floor!
    Not that i don't have enough tat laying about already...

  8. I go to the opportunity shops to find gnomes.