Monday, December 30, 2013

Now in Store For New Year...

Hello Dhaarlings...

My Goodness! Where has the year gone?
Has 2013 been as crazy for you as it seems to have been for me?
I can't believe that we are here knocking on the door of 2014.


These are now in stock...

Arriving just in time for that special little NYE celebration that you are no doubt off to... And while we are talking celebration...

Here's the last of the 2013 Arse...


and no matter what the new year brings....

Just remember...

Bottoms Up Darlings!


  1. Cocktail bra?
    I thought it was a new drink until I saw the ad.
    Luckily the arses perked me up!

    1. Bob... Happy New Year to you Carlos and the menagerie of furry critters at your casa. Lets hope for less "Asshats" in 2014... Sadly, somehow I doubt it though...

  2. but, but, but.... Happy New Year, sugarpie! xoxoxoxo

    1. Savvy Darling i've waited all year to say this... Happy Birthday!!!! the year goes without saying.... I'm popping corks in your honour xoxoxoxo

  3. Thank you Princess for your all your support and friendship over the past few years. It is very much welcomed and appreciated!

    Happy Holidays


    and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year full of Good Fortune, Good Friends, and Good Times!!!

    _I_....._I_ Cheers!!!

    1. Mr Swings How delightful it is to see you... life gets so busy that blogging tends to fall behind in it's level of importanace... My postings seem to be at an all time low... a reflection of a crazy year! I hope your christmas was relaxing and that the new year brings everything that you wish for....
      Love P XXX

  4. I really want to be dancing in that shower - Happy New Year, Princess! Jx

    1. Are you suggesting I pop on the Harlem Shake and get the other guests to join in too Jon?
      Happy New year to you too Darling...

    2. Keep in mind that the cocktail bra isn't waterproof, Jon.

      Happy New Year, Prinny!

      You're THE FIRST!

  5. Hon, could you send over some of those cocktail cups? I may need a few extra. I hate to have to ask the houseboys to remove their jock straps.

  6. Replies
    1. Happy New year to you too Darling... I doubt that your houseboys will still have their jock straps on by now....

  7. Replies
    1. And a very Happy New Year to you too Mr Lax...

  8. Cocktail bra? gee
    who needs a bra when you have a cocktail!?

    Now those boys, on the other hand....

    wishing a very happy 2014 to you!

  9. The perfect outfit to go with my peniscolada cocktail shaker.

    We've just had the big dong at midnight, I'm just off to bed now.

    Happy New Year Princess!

  10. What a crazy year indeed. I still have two hours, twenty-two minutes to go but for you it's already a memory...
    Strange planet.

    Hope you have sassy & successful Twenty-fourteen!