Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Something From the Garden..... Blooming Close-Ups!...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Now that my costume work is done and dusted for another year...
 I've had a little time on my hands to do some Snapping for you in my garden

I descided to try getting up close and personal whith a few little treasures from the potted pretties that I have flung about the grounds to add just a little dash of colour before another long and hot summer fully arrives

These snaps were taken a day or so ago and I had planned for more but the weather became inclement and I had to return in doors...
Perhaps the sun will come out again tommorrow and allow me to continue my sojourn with the Box Brownie!


  1. Bloomin' marvellous!
    Lovely to see flowers when I'm under a cold shroud of cloud.

    1. When the sun is shining there will be more to show you Miss Scarlet...
      Cold shrouds of cloud are maudlin... Stay well rugged against the cold...
      The weather here has been very odd 2 days of +30 oC then rainy and cold enough to warrant popping on the electric blanket at night! I thought I was over needing it until at least late autumn next year!

  2. I needed a dose of Spring this cold December morn.
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.

  3. We're under a blanket of snow. And as lovely as that is, there's nothing like fresh blossoms.

    Keep posting these until our spring!

  4. Excellent camera work mate. Especially the second one; beautiful color, composition, and detail.

  5. Beautiful Prinny! I think Pansies are one of the sweetest flowers. You should see out in my garden right now!

  6. Lovely, my dear friend. You really deserve your crown! ;)


  7. What gorgeous pink and purple heads! It's been a balmy 11° here, pass the Piz Buin!

  8. Love, love, love your petunias. You've given me some great ideas for planting up my balcony come the spring.

    Have a great Christmas darling. Lots of love to you! xx