Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Happy Hatter... Or... When Princess had some Floral Fun...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Just excuse me while I climb out from under this mountain of hats and floral frippery...

I've been having so much fun that I hadn't realised I'd not posted since Janurary and here we are half way throught Feburary all ready.

Any way as you may have guessed I've been busy whipping up some hats for "The Music Man". It's this years production for the Youth Theatre that I volunteer with.

Here are some exmples of the hats I have been busy working on...

Now i just need to put together some outfits to match them darlings...
I've managed to source a lot of the costumes from Op Shops that can be used for the support cast... But I may have to run up a few for some of the leads...
It all depends of the size of the kids cast in the roles...

Oh... did I mention that I'll be left pretty much to my own devices regarding costumes... as the head costumier has announced that she won't be available to do much of the costuming herself this year! So it is looking like I will now get to head up the team of people that are slowly creeping out of the woodwork to help out now that the word is out!

Happy Days! 


  1. Now I know who to go too to create my whole Elisa Doolittle Ascot race ensemble with huge hat!!!! Honey you sure are talented!

    1. "C'mon Dover... Move ya bloomin Arse!"
      Maddie I have secretly always wanted to have a go at designing costumes for that whole scene.... But I don't ever think the classic black and white ensembles can ever be beaten... I think this is the closest I'll ever get!

  2. Excellent! A tip of the hat to Princess!

  3. And "I dips me lid" to you Mr Lax...

  4. Wow! Those hats are fantastic, Princess! Every singe one is a unique and beautiful work of art. I also like your table cloth--very chic and stylish. If I had your stunning table cloth, no one would eat at the table--I can't very well risk having crumbs and stains on such a lovely and beautiful fabric.

    Like Maddie, I also immediately thought of the racing scene from My Fair Lady when I saw your fabulous hat couture! Bravo! I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Thanks Mr Swings...
    There will be more to show but perhaps not as elaborate as these... I'm making hats for three age groups in the show... These here are for the ones playing adults. the next will be for the teens and children. Btw I forgot to thank you for your card... so thankyou. And i'm enjoying your coverage of the winter olympics once again!

  6. At first glance that first picture looked like a buffet with delicious appetizers.
    Then I realized ti was fabulous hats!

    Gosh, if I only had a hat head--seriously, I wasn't gifted in that area--I'd love to rock the Iris Hat!

  7. Magnificent. Your hats are headliners.

    I especially like the one with the calla lilies.

  8. As Mr Slatten I first thought of a buffet, with cakes, before I realized it's hats.
    And they are really great, darling ! I especially like the red one (seventh pic from start).

  9. What a fine hat spread you have laid on for us, and I bet you have tried on each and everyone. I'm quite taken with the silver piece with the white lilies worn at a jaunty angle. I can imagine Joan Collins wearing that in Dynasty.

  10. Congrats on being in control!!

    I want a hat, btw... it would cheer me up.


  11. Princess - are you still with us ?

  12. I swear I commented ... Princess ? Are you still there ?

    1. Sorry Mr Maggs... but aparently after 2 weeks comments go to be "moderated" instead of appearing here on the blog automatically.

      Yes,,, I am still here and still planning to keep blogging i'm just having to keep lots of plates spinning on their sticks at present and sadly the blog keeps crashing to the floor!
      I will try and do better....