Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Still Here Dhaaarlings....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Poor old Princess has been busier than a troop of plate spinners of late and has been terribly neglectful of blogging or at least letting folks know that I'm still here...

It seems that after 2 weeks comments no longer get posted on the blog but go to await moderation so if I don't check them regularly and then publish them they don't appear. My appologies to anyone effected by this.

Anyway, let me catch you up with what I've been busy doing...

Hats and costume sourcing for Music Man... and going to planning meetings about the show.

Remember the friend I spoke about some time back that has pancreatic cancer? Well i've been running about trying to get her some assistance with home help as she recouperates from further surgery. It seems that her medical history has left her with multiple defecits including problems with budgeting resulting in her power and gas almost being cut off over christmas new year...
Fortunately we were able to sort out a regular payment plan that covers her power gas and rent. Unfortunately she is back in hospital again. 

The garden has been suffering badly from the string of heatwaves that we have had over summer... Endless watering (as we have not had rain) has resulted in a higher than usual water bill but the garden and my sanity is better for it... Watering the garden is "My Time" I really enjoy the time to just relax and think and de- stress.

The Empress has not been travelling well of late... She is having what the doctors think are mild strokes caused by her episodic high blood pressure.
They knock her about a bit and she spends the next day or so resting in bed or laying on the couch which is most unlike her... She is finding it to be very frustrating as it physically stops her from doing what she would ordinarily be doing on a day to day basis. Getting her about to regular doctors appointments, optometrists and podiatry clinics, church activities and the op shop on days when she is well enough keeps me busy and out and about driving her to these appontments in the car most days.

Aside from that the Duck Costume people continue with orders...
I've recently completed a set of "Practice costumes" along with Six navy blue ponchos to put on the ducks at a performance.
I'm curently trying to create "School Uniforms" 3 female and 3 male that the ducks will be parading at the Schools Fete. A bundle of old uniforms arrived in the mail from the school last week for me to create authentic costumes (including school ties) for the ducks.

Oh... And I've started a training course with a volunteer organisation that visit the elderly in their homes, they were looking for people to train up so I put my name down as I have very little else to do with my time darlings...

Till next time... Bottoms Up!


  1. You're a busy bee! Best wishes to the Empress and your friend.
    If only someone could think of a way for us to pump our excess rainwater from the UK to Australia!
    I am also lacking in the blog post department... these days I am finding it difficult to string a sentence together, let alone a paragraph... see what I mean... I sort of tail off... midway through....

    1. Well at least you are keeping your head above water Miss Scarlet.
      And as for finding a form of excess water transfer to Oz... I'm sure the brits will find a way... lets face it ... they did it with their excess criminals years ago....

    2. Haha!

      I'm only glad to hear from you from time to time dear Princess. As for me, I feel much like Ms Scarlet when it comes to blogging: can't quite put one word properly in front of another...

      Wishing you peaceful days to you and the emperess.
      Take care

  2. Darling Princess,
    Oh dear, oh dear. This is all way too much.

    You need help and you need it now. You are doing so many wonderful things helping others out, but do you really have enough time for yourself to even catch your breath and cope? You are now firmly on our worry list.

    Instead of getting trained up yourself you need to get an army of other people involved to take on some of these chores. This will leave you time to do what you do best. Chat to your friends, amuse them, share tea and cakes with them, discuss the important issues of the day such as make-up, nail varnish and frilly frocks.......this way both you and they will feel SO much better.

    Now, We have no idea where you can recruit helpers in your neck of the woods. For us, we should turn to 'The Lady'....a periodical which never fails to oblige.

    Take the greatest of care of the bottoms up for the Gin and Tonic which you will help yourself to....right now! xxxxxx

    1. Hello my Lovely Hattats! How nice of you to call by... Yo must be thinking...
      "How much can a Koala Bear?" but much of the workload is self inflicted and i enjoy being busy!
      Your travel reports I am finding to be a lovelt distraction. they remind me of what i imagine it must have been like for those that did "The Grand Tour" in years gone by...

      Oh... and the Gin was just the ticket... thank you

  3. Oh, the ducks. I completely forgot the ducks.

    1. Yes... the Ducks! I almost forgot them too Mr Mags... But by the end of the day i should have the School uniforms finished and ready for pick up.
      Then i've to put together a display of costumes to promote "The Music Man" ready for friday evening... Life is never dull around here!

  4. Best wishes to The Empress and your friend.

    Anxiously awaiting duck costume pix!

    PS: The comment moderation can be turned off or set to another duration. Blogger > Settings > Posts and Comments > Comment Moderation > Never OR Sometimes [specify duration] > Save

  5. Thanks Mr Lax,
    I will post some pix of the ucks in costume but i'm reliant on their owners furnishing me with them... and that cn take a while...
    Thanks also for the tip o comment moderation i'll give it a try...

  6. Get Well Soon to the Empress and your friend.

    I think it's wonderful when life keeps you engaged the way it has filled your days with purpose and a mission to do the things that make you happy and help those who need a little kindness. You're a wonderful and generous and talented person, Princess.

    I shall keep you, your friend, and the Empress in my thoughts. And here's to wishing that the polar vortex that has brought freezing cold to my part of the world makes an appearance in your part of the world, bringing you much needed rain and some nice cool weather.