Monday, March 2, 2015

Finally... A Word or Two From Princess...* Warning* This Post Does Not Contain Pictures of Cock or Arse!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

You may have noticed that Prinny has not been posting much of late...


Oh well I haven't.

Quite frankly...It has been difficult to find the inspiration... 
I have had plenty of time on my hands but as far as blogging goes find myself sitting for hours looking at a blank screen with the intention of writing but finding that I really don't have much to say... although... there has been an awful lot happening in my world I've been feeling so overwhelmed by it all that I really haven't known quite where to start.
But here goes...

Back around Christmas time I started getting pain down my left leg... Shooting pain when walking and dull aches at rest... It turned out to be Sciatica! Ended up getting about with a walking stick for several weeks and was starting to recover when I managed to pull muscles in my lower back. 
Spent the next week flat on my back in bed on pain killers.
Up and about again... gingerly... after that... but noticed as the days progressed that I was having increasing pain in both of my big toe joints making walking even more difficult... 
Back to the Doctor who pronounced that I had developed Gout!
In both feet!
 At the same time!!!!
"Fuck!" I said...  "I hardly drink any more"... 
Or any less for that matter

A course of anti inflammatory's later and the pain eased some what. The sciatic pain is easing along with the lower back and I'm moving a lot better now thank you. More good days than bad now but when I over do things... Which seems to be a regular occurrence... I'm back to the walking stick...

It has been a slow
 very... very... frustrating recovery...

 But... gradually I'm getting there.

During all of this my time has been occupied with organising to purchase a half share in "The Palais" with the Empress.
Visiting Solicitors to sort out titles, and the Bank Manager to
arrange a loan to do some badly needed maintenance on the house and granny flat. Re-stumping, electrical, plumbing, tiling and repainting, all minor works that just add up in cost.
So I've also been busy getting quotes for the work from various local tradies. 
The works should get under way by the by the middle of this month.

We have also been looking to purchase a new car. 
The current old darling is on it's last legs... It is 20 yrs old has done 400,000 km and despite still running like a charm is just starting to fall apart... It has been Empresses pride and joy over the years and I can't say that she isn't just a little sad and teary to be saying goodbye to such a trustworthy and reliable member of the family but even she has had enough of driving about without air-conditioning or heating since the fan unit stopped working 12 months ago!

Happily... we have made our choice and should have delivery of a brand spanking new car in the next day or so.

Stay tuned darlings...

All shall be revealed!

I've also had a few projects on the go with my sewing.
Word is getting out that I'm doing clothing repairs and alterations... It's not my ideal type of sewing but it pays cash!

I've also been approached by the local hospital to come up with some designs and samples for oversized hospital gowns, and a range of blouses shirts and shorts for their Bariatric Unit (where they treat Morbidly Obese people.)
Normal sized gowns just don't fit some people any more it seems... and thay are wanting some clothing that fits and at the same time maintains the patients dignity.
I am working in conjunction with a group of ladies from a local sewing/craft group who are willing to sew the garments once I have developed the patterns and have put together some samples of the finished product for them to refer to and use as a guide and initially for the for the hospital to trial.
We have already made some samples of hospital gowns and are awaiting feed back from the hospital before progressing further.

We have had metres and metres of suitable fabrics donated to us via the local op shop that the Empress and I volunteer at... and much of my time has been utilised in sorting, washing then storing the fabrics ready for use... despite initially feeling well enough to do this work the hours of standing sorting and lugging bags of fabric has... sadly... contributed to my ongoing back problems and slow recovery. I have had to curb my enthusiasm and learn to pace myself.

And as usual at this time of year 

"Nexus Bendigo Youth Theatre"
 that I make costumes for are gearing up for this years production of

"Pirates of Penzance"

Check out our web page Here
and see some footage of recent productions with some my costumes in action

I'm still yet to have that holiday!

I'm keeping the walking stick handy just in case...

And I wonder why I'm feeling overwhelmed???...

Bottoms Up Darlings...


  1. Perhaps you can find some inspiration for the hospital gowns from Norma's collection of caftans?

    Can hardly wait for the big car reveal!

    Take care Princess!

    1. be careful, they have a copyright.

      (feel better!)

    2. Thanks for the suggestion of using Norma's collection for inspiration Mr Lax, tho she (Norma) says that her "gowns" are covered by copyright. I read somewhere that there are ways around this... if the design is altered by at least 15% or some such. All I need is to add 15% more fabric to the garment and the jobs right! Right?
      The excitement is building over the new car.

    3. Norma... Who knew that you would become my fashion muse? I'm feeling better already... thank you darling...

  2. Darling Princess,

    Oh dear what an awful time you have been having with your various ailments. It all sounds like a great deal of pain and this is so very wearing and sapping of one's energy. We do like to think that you are now on the road to recovery ready to cope with all the excitement of refurbishing the Palais. Amidst the inevitable hard work, that should be great fun!

    And, a new motor car. Now, what could be better. Our minds are racing with which model you shall be the new owner of. We trust that, whatever, the top can come down in good weather so that you and Darling Empress can feel the wind in your hair as you motor along! We cannot wait for the way, the French Lavender looks beautiful!

    1. Thankyou darling Hattats... It has been quite a trial. I no longer get frustrated with people on sticks slowing me down in the street having recently experienced being one of the very perpetrators..
      The refurbishments are an exciting venture, the Empress has been scouting about with colour swatches, various tile samples and wall papers and checking out new taps and fittings to upgrade a bathroom. I get exhausted just watching her.
      As for the car... we shall prolong the anticipation just a little longer..
      Lavender of any sort is an enjoyment of mine. We have an ancient old Bush that consumes one corner of the yard and produces a lovely display of long magnificently perfumed spikes. I will often dry huge bunches of it to use in craft work. The nieces like making lavender pillows for Nan's Knicker draw.

  3. Someone once asked me why I'm all the time flat on my back in bed on pain killers, did I have back problem. I said no why do you ask? Anyway darling do take good care and slow down. It a hard job being Mistress of a household with such reapairs, but at least you will have hopefully some nice eye candy around doing the work. Your car issue sounds like mine. I had just got rid of a car 300,000 miles, but it was time to turn the old gal in, and I'm thrilled with the new addition. I would have loved a vintage Citoren, But alas they don't have Citroen's here. Now I hope this next play wont wear you out, this sounds like a huge under taking honey................

    1. A vintage Citroen is a money pit Mistress Maddie, especially when you think DS, CX or such. Why not go for an old Peugeot with injection (think 504 ti, or 404) ?

    2. Thank you Maddie Darling for reminding me that despite our similar and familiar positions in the boudoir are from completely differing causes... you deliciously lucky cow...
      Slowing myself down is the big issue for me to deal with.
      I'm hoping that the same group of Mum's from last year will get involved a little sooner with costume assistance this year.

      Cars are wonderful while they last but sometimes it is kinder to say goodbye than to continue "flogging a dead horse".

    3. Good advice Mago. I only liked them for there cosmetic appearance, and to have some jolly ride with a wide brim on , on the weekends, but I will take your advice. I do have a huge gin intake after all.

  4. The good thing with gout is that you can really avoid it simply by avoiding the triggering food, and the beer of course. I know, darling, but in both feet at the same time ... amputation all of a sudden is a nice word ...
    It's great to learn that you renovate & repair the house, a new car will soon stand in front of it, and of course a lot of production work - I only miss the ducks ?!
    Were are not forty any more, dear Princess ...

    1. Thankx for the reminder Mr Maggs,
      I'm yet to discover the trigger for the gout issue. The pain has been very difficult to manage tho organising the refurbishments has kept me a little distracted from it.
      Ahh yes... the ducks, I don't think that their concept "Took flight"... so to speak... I've not heard from them in quite some time...
      A new car is an exciting venture.

  5. You're up, you'e down, you're up, you're down ... and not in the fun way.
    Take care, especially with all the new projects lined up!

    1. Thanks Bob, it hasn't been much fun but i am learning to pace myself a little better...
      "Have to" is a good master....

  6. Is this something a jolly good rogering would cure?

    1. Dearest MJ,
      Your suggestion sounds delightful tho I remain in a rather delicate state and doubt that I could cope with a vigorous plundering at present.
      Yet I am getting ready for a run of "Pirates of Penzance"
      Perhaps a swashbuckling knee-trembler is in order....

  7. Oh my goodness...
    How horrible!
    I'm praying you're back to feeling well soon. Truly!

    Meanwhile, I would advise you get one of those walking sticks with a hidden flask... and a hidden rapier....just in case. That is if you don't already nave one.

    1. thanks Jason... I am feeling better but still have good and bad days
      The walking stick with sensible accoutrements is on my shopping list...

  8. I've missed your long leisurely posts.Throw away the sticks and buy yourself a mobility scooter, you'll never have to walk anywhere again. When my mother had a gyppy knee, she was told by the doctor to lay off the citrus fruit.

    1. You are a positive tower of practicality Mitzi... A mobility scooter would not have been out of place here on some days... Laying off citrus for gyppy knee... I've not herd of that... I have been told that consuming cherries may help with resolving gout...

  9. Prinny, it than occurred to me that if Hyacinth Bucket were here, she'd tell you Gout was the inflection of the well bred.

    1. Hyacinth always makes me feel so much better... Poor long suffering "Richard"...
      I wonder how "Sherridan" is getting on these days

  10. Oh my word you have been busy!
    I have also heard that it's best to leave the lemons alone regarding aches and pains. A UK thing?
    Meanwhile, you're a star for designing the hospital gowns!
    And I have been a pirate witch creature... best role ever. I wore red.

  11. My Darling Miss Scarlet.... How lovely to see you.
    A Pirate Witch Creature? Sounds very exciting ... but surely your current role as "The Crimson Pussy" in Mr DeVices latest extravaganza will even out shine that!