Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Told You That All Would Be Revealed Soon Dhaaarlings... (And I'm not talking NUDITY for artistic purposes or otherwise)

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Well today was the day to pick up the new car!
How excitement!!!...

But first let me show you the old darling...

Here She Is...

The much loved and nearly worn out old Mitsubishi "Magna"

All ready to go to The Wrecker's ...er... a new home... 


And here's another "Old Darling" having a last little moment alone...

And now... 
The moment you have all been waiting for....

Full frontal...

And from the side...

A brand spanking New... Kia "Cerato" Hatch...

"It corners like it's on rails".... Darlings

The Empress seems to be very happy with the new replacement and just loves the colour now that she has seen it in proper sunlight... (The day we looked at it was overcast making it seem darker and more grey in colour)... turning it into a lovely purpley-blue.

It isn't top of the range so doesn't have all the bells and whistles but will still suit our humble needs adequately...

Air-conditioning and Heating with a working fan were really the only priorities darlings...

I think that we shall all be very happy together...


  1. Wonderful! You don't realise what you're missing until you get an upgrade!
    Safe travels.

  2. Getting a new car is a special occasion! It's definitely a snazzy snaggin' wagon with room to stretch out. Your roadside tricks will be pleased. Whatcha gonna name her?

  3. Love the new one! Spiffy and sporty!

  4. Congrats, nice ride! Will it be fitted with a roo bar?

  5. I really could have lived without the full frontal. What do you take me for a,harlot? It is a beauty though.

  6. She's got a lovely colour and the car too! Will you be having a car warming party?

  7. very nice! Looks a bit like my car....but yours is nicer.

  8. Those are great cars and I love that dusky blue. You have A/C and a hatchback, which if you've never had one you'll wonder how you got along without it!

    Happy Travels & take an extra whiff of that new-car-smell for me!

  9. Happy & carefree motoring !
    They come here in Europe with a seven year guarantee on all necessary parts, what basically means, if you do not slam it against the wall, and something brakes, they will replace it - great value for the money.
    And yes, a working heating with a fan is nice thing to have !

  10. Ooh, I like a "classic" Mitsubishi now and again - Most especially an 8th gen Galant, but the new Kia's are much better. The Cerato is now called the Cee'd here in the UK.

    1. I hope you and the Empress have some wonderful travels in your new car!

  11. Having a new car is like having a new boyfriend, isn't it?


  12. Ooo...new shiny car.

    Fabulous! Hope she looks after you and The Empress exceptionally well.


  13. Will it be your shaggin' wagon?