Friday, April 3, 2015

A Seaside Adventure....

Hello Dhaaarlings...


And the Empress... 

Are off for a seaside adventure!
 It's the Easter long weekend and as We've not had a holiday for so long have decided that this is now the time...
The Empress has her baggage packed already and will be joining me on our sojourn...

I've not been to the seaside for probably over 10 years and have almost forgotten what it is like to dip ones stocking clad foot into the foamy brine...

I'm looking forward to having that salty fluid sprayed and sloshed upon my person once again...

I'm hoping to revisit some of the beaches of my childhood...
Miles and miles of white sand, rolling surf, rock-pools full of starfish and sea-squirts, unimaginably strange and wondrous critters that scuttled and darted or swam or squelched and slithered incredibly slowly or just lolled about... Even some that glowed in the dark turning, waves and the sand the vegetation the power poles and even the toilet block in the camping ground... into something I imagined was a glittering fairyland.

I remember seeing my first Blue Ringed octopus for real! In one of the rock-pools that we as kids would swim in when the tide was low. One of the park rangers had found it and had it out of the water and on the sand to show everyone what they looked like...

I remember how utterly disappointed I was at seeing its actual size! 
It was so tiny in comparison to it's deadly reputation
(Although it still can be quite deadly)
Read about them here

I remember walking along the beach with my grandmother to caves that were only accessible at low tide to hunt for
 green agate and for "pipi" shells to turn into necklaces strung together with dried grasses...

Hopefully we will find a spare bathing box

One must maintain some dignity and a modicum of decorum

Yet I am lead to believe that they are a little more "up market" these days...

And of course... 
We shall be hoping to spot one or two of these...

Bottoms Up!

And have a Happy and Safe Easter break...


  1. The blue ringed octopus is so pretty! I want one- Oh. I've just read about how venomous they are. Just like every other Australian animal. Bah. You can keep them.

    I hope you manage to find a bathing box to ensure you don't display too much ankle while changing. And if your box comes complete with a couple of those mooning mermen, well, all the better!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Darling Princess,

    Oh we do like to be beside the seaside and are envious of the beach adventures which are undoubtedly waiting for you and the Empress.

    We are pleased to note that you will be hiring a bathing machine since it is so tiresome, not to say unpleasant, these days when people of all ages, sizes and shapes reveal far too much flesh whilst wriggling into or out of their swimming costumes with only the scantiest of towels to hide their modesty. However, should one of those delicious bathing beauties you show here be lying around on the sand, then we would not be turning the other way!

    You fully deserve a good holiday. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Happy Holidays!!
    And beware anything that you find glowing in the toilet block, or thereabouts. The sea may well be more contaminated than it was when you last visited.

  4. I love to collect poisonous creatures. You never know when they might come in handy. You need some scantily clad bathing box boys to wheel you up so you can emerge and make an entrance.

    Maillot or Bandeau?

  5. I hope you and The Empress have a marvellous time, frolicking (with great decorum of course) in the surf.

    I especially wish you great sea views and fabulous tight butts!

  6. Ooooh, road trip! Have a wonderful excursion.

    Mind the salties!

  7. I have always said nothing beats a sea-squirt, dear! Enjoy... Jx

  8. "I'm looking forward to having that salt fluid splash and slouch upon my person again." do we really need to hear the dirty details of the fourth coming sojourn......especially with the Empress present. What ever would she say.??? I just adore me a beach locale......always so invigorating and rejuvenating. Have a lovely trip and a swell Easter lambchop.

  9. Ah, to be at the Aussie seaside when my backyard is still covered in snow.

  10. Are you back from you gadabout yet? I love the interior of the bathing box,it reminds me of a room I once rented in the Dutch debauchery capital. Halcyon days.