Friday, April 10, 2015

A Seaside Adventue... and I didn't even get a toe wet!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The Empress and I have returned home safely from our seaside adventure without even getting a toe wet!

Sadly the weather was against us... Mostly cloudy and overcast with the occasional fleeting scrap of sunshine and very strong cold southerly winds every time we hit the beach.

Venus Bay

Cape Liptrap

Cape Liptrap Lighthouse

Walkerville Beach.
Sadly the beaches of my childhood have suffered from erosion over the almost 50 years since my last visit...

I'm quite sure that the rocks were much bigger and the sand a lot whiter

The rock pools remain pretty much the same...

And the flotsam and jetsam remain similar

Although I don't remember seeing him before

But he might have been there all those years ago and I just didn't notice as I ran past in haste, slopping water from my sand bucket full of crabs and starfish to show to Nanna back at camp...

We did however manage to visit with friends and neighbours that we had not seen for over 20 years since all moving away in different directions.
It was lovely catching up with them, their grown up families and and grand children which was just marvellous.
It was like we new them all already even though we'd only maintained phone conversations in all that time.
Lots of "Do you remember when..." and "What about "That" party we had..." 
There were many late nights of just sitting around and talking and sharing family stories and catching up on life.

The Empress was in her element... Well she has been known to "Talk the legs off an iron Pot" and good times were had by all  wandering the halls of friendship memory and loving reminiscence.


  1. Oh, shame about the weather, but your photos are marvellous. Venus Beach and Cape Liptrap look like lovely places to visit. And those rock pools! I especially love the beaded seaweed - we have nothing like that here. Your flotsam and jetsam is much more colouful than Blighty's offerings, too. And is that a little puffer fish?

    1. Hello Mr DeVice... I think it was once a puffer fish, but I don't think he swims much any more. Looking rather brittle and bleached from the sun. My younger brother once stood on a dead one half buried in the sand (a little fresher but still dead) that gave him a very nasty and very painful stabbing to his foot. He instantly collapsed in screaming agony on the sand. I remember Dad picking him up and carrying him back to camp for some first aid... He was only about 4 yo at the time... my brother not Dad.
      It is a beautiful area to visit but sadly the weather and tides were against us, we found the walking track around to the caves but the tide was in and couldn't progress any further than the entrance to the first rock tunnel had we kept going we'd have been knee'deep or higher in water...

  2. What a lovely holiday. Thanks for sharing the pix and stories!

    1. You are most welcome Mr Lax,
      The beaches look even more spectacular when the sun is out and there is not a lot of wind. The wind near the light house was atrocious... I think the bus load of tourists we met had been on the beans and beer the previous night...

  3. It's so romantic there! Not trashy like our beaches around here.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, and I imagine even with some spotty weather it was still a great getaway.

  5. Shame about the weather. But such lovely pix.

    My childhood days were spent poking about the beach with a bucket and exasperated crab that I managed to catch. Your pictures have taken me straight back to that time. *sigh*

    I am glad you were able to catch up with your friends. I can imagine The Empress and her Princess have many admirers.

    1. hi Rose,
      Childhood memories of beach combing! Looking at the same beaches now grown makes them seem so small... Not the huge never ending expanse od sand and surf that they seemed to be in my childhood memory.

  6. Yippieh - kyte flying !

    Glad to learn that you came back home in one piece - and that you met with friends & neighbours. I've not been to t´he beach as child, the riverbank of the Itz had to do.

    1. "Mary Poppins" would have been proud to see the family flying a kite together.

  7. Wonderful! Despite the weather. Beaches are often full of bluster, but it sounds like you had a great time catching up and reminiscing. Think you could have washed your feet whilst you were away though :-)

  8. Smelly feet are the scourge of the well travelled dear Scarlet, but a quick flick over with a damp sponge and a clean pair of stockings solves most of the problems.