Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Climbing out of the costume avalanche...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

It's me! Princess... remember that old thing?
Well darlings... I'm finally clawing my way out from under the enormous pile of costumes i've been sourcing/creating for this years production of
Oklahoma! for Nexus Bendigo Youth Theatre. 

click on the link above and check out the fantastic trailer for the show made by one of our year 12 student.
The clip is also running at the local movie theatre.
Have a brows through some of the video clips of rehehearsals..

This year the standard of production has been stepped up in every area as the performance has been scheduled for 4 shows at the Capital Theatre in Bendigo
A real theatre!

There have also been publicity shoots with the local Newspapers and TV news

As you can imagine...  true to our usual form we have a cast of thousands... well 70 in fact but all need at least one costume change so start with 140 costumes and add on from there...

There has been the usual drama and attempts at in-fighting with the costume team but they haven't got much traction I have politely refused to get drawn into attempted  power plays rising above all the drivel and bitching and just getting on with the job. Far more satisfying

I have a great team of Mums that work hard and really appreciate my support for them...

Back in May I found myself making a Bridal Gown for a private customer amid the planning and confusion of costumes for the show.

I can't say it was a breeze as the bride had picked out a style of gown more suited to an amazon like stick insect... which she wasn't.
Short and dumpy comes to mind.

So after much discussion, pattern engineering and many many ajustments and fittings later... she finally looked a picture of lovelyness and floated down the aisle...
Huge success in the end despite many a sleepless night working out a pattern that was eventually most flattering and caused much positive feedback from guests at the wedding.

During this time I was also interviewed by the local newspaper as they  were running a series for "Volunteer Week" 
We talked about my work at the opportunity shop and my costume making for Nexus.
The next thing I know there's a half page spread about me in the local paper.

 The costumes for Nexus have been fun to make with multiple full circle skirts, pettitcoats, bloomers, waistcoats and chaps.
The bulk of the costumes have been sourced from the op shop the cowboy shirts are op shop sourced and then I've sewn western looking yokes on to them.

There is a ballet scene in the show that includes can can girls
The costumes for these have been real fun to make... It's amazing what one can do with old circular tablecloths! And finally after 5 years of owning an overlocker with a differential feed i discovered how to gather fabric on it to make ruffles for the inner lining of the can can dresses. (usually i'd be sitting for hours pulling miles and miles of thread to gather the fabric into frills...
So much quicker and easier... duh!

I'm coming up the home stretch and the show opens in three weeks...
There a few bits and pieces that still need to be completed but the bulk of the work is finished...
Apart from the fat suits... Did I mention I'm also making  fat suits for some of the guys in the cast that need to look like old men... I guess skinny old men just don't cut it any more....  

Life is good, Thanks for the Birthday wishes on Sunday just gone, i spent a relaxing day doing absolutely nothing...
The Empress remains in good health but gets frustrated that she can't do what she used to and needs to take a day off in bed occasionally...
Having celebrated her 76th birthday the week berfore mine I think she has earned the occasional rest day...

I managed to pay off a new camera in time for my birthday but haven't had a chance to learn to drive it yet. I'ts programme photo's on wednesday next week so hopefully will have some costume pics to share

Till then darlings... Bottoms up! 


  1. *Standing ovation*
    Congratulations on everything and, the newspaper spread!!
    Lovely to see you.

    1. I'm so glad you dropped in Miss Scarlet... I was just wondering where i could purchase some choice gilded insults... the are a couple of locals on my mind that could probably benefit greatly from them...

    2. I'm so glad you dropped in Miss Scarlet... I was just wondering where i could purchase some choice gilded insults... the are a couple of locals on my mind that could probably benefit greatly from them...

  2. Email me, Sweetie, I am taking orders!

  3. P.S Mr Swings seems to have ....gone?

  4. "But she never lost her head
    Even when she was Edith Head

    How fabulous, sweetie! Jx

  5. Love the newspaper pix!

    Wow! That's a lot of stitching! Well done.

    1. Thanks Mate. The stitching has been furious and i'm looking forward to taking some time off once it's done...
      The show must go on!

  6. Replies
    1. I hope you had a very restful sleep Mr Maggs.. Personally i think i'm missing more sleep than having it presenty...
      Still a lot of work to do for the show that stars on the 21 July... I'ts getting closer

  7. Glad to see you back and I am thrilled at you being recognized for your amazing talent and skill.

    1. Thanks Damien,
      Nice of you to call by mate... I'm not quite back just yet 2 more weeks should just about see me done though.

  8. Awesome! Absolutely delightful & wonderful news from you & the amazing things you've been engaged in. Congratulations on the media appearance! You certainly deserve so much praise & kudos for your outstanding work & generous heart. You're helping the art community, the local community, & the present & future generations appreciate what they have & help them dream, go further, & be even more productive & astounding in the future. Every generation builds upon the shoulders of the ones who came before, & you & your team have laid a solid, fabulous foundation for even bigger & better things to come in the near future!

    The wedding dress is magnificent! What lovely & beautiful, ethereal lace! Such wondrous & enchanting details & stunning work you've done! I love it. You made dreams come true, you fairy godmother/divine muse, you!

    Best wishes for the Empress's god health & much joy, strength, & cheers to you all! I wish I could see your grand production in person. I wish y'all the very best!!!

    1. Hello Mr Swings
      Thankyou for your kind words.They are much appreciated.
      The Empress remains in good health. There have been no further changes to the very small almost minute tumours in her brain and remains without symptoms... The specialist just this week extended her next review to 2years hence... which came as very excitingly good news!
      The trip to the hospital for an MRI the week before was all together far more dramatic but that remains a story for a later date as I'm just a little pressed for time at the moment...

  9. It's all fabulousness isn't it?

    And to make the papers!


    1. Thanks Bob... Though a half page article came as a bit of a shock.. in the past ther has been a few lines and a small photo that you need a magnifying glass to spot!
      I'm still getting strangers coming up to me in the street telling me they saw the articles and how much they enjoyed them.... Almost Famous!

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  11. Well done darling, it's nice to see your dolly old ecaf in the news.

    Love the headless Miss Havisham statue, every home should have one as a burglar deterrent.

    1. Thanks Mitzi Darling... regarding Miss Havisham... not only should every home have one but they should be mandatory...
      I kjeep getting told that I was in the paper two weeks in a row tho i missed the second article, being presented with a certificate for volunteer work with Baptcare visiting oldies that are shut in at home and don't get out much...

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Jason... I has been pretty cool this year and i've really enjoyed rising to the challenge..

  13. Phew! Every year you seem to get busier and busier! I hope Maude's been helping you out?

    P.S. That Oklahoma trailer is wonderful! A twelve-year-old made it, you say? Amazing!

    1. Maude is on her fifth bottle of gin laying comatose in the corner...
      The video was shot by a year 12 highschool student (17 yo)
      He has just won a national competition for his videography!
      I'm looking forward to seeing all the kids in their costumes tomorrow and hopefully will have time to take some shots for myself...

  14. Happy Belated Birthday darling!

    Good to see your hard work appreciated with the fab publicity. What a great photo of you.

    I agree, The Empress has earned her right for the occasional nap. In fact, I wonder why she waiting until 76? Nap time is for everyone!

    Don't work too hard lovely.


    1. Hi Rose, thankyou
      The hard work is mostly done now... I'll be sewing all night with final costumes for programme photos to be taken tommorrow afternoon. Mainly button holes on vests for the ballet boys and bows for the girls hair, short capes for the ballet girls and neckerchiefs all around... Oh and just a few yokes to be sewn on to cowboy shirts...

      Not much if you look at the list quickly until you multiply the items required by 12 to 15 of each!
      But this year i have a good team of helpers supporting me...

  15. Brilliant!

    Watched the clip and noticed ... the whip.


    1. Of course you did darling... There is also some gratuitous rope work and lots of chaps...